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The powers that be are not going to do it for you. Take control now.

Asking someone if they want the Covid-19 vaccination or not is like asking them if they want the glass of water on the left or the right without knowing more about the water in each glass. How can they make a decision without all of the information? For all they know one is Flint city water and the other is pristine spring water.

That is exactly what has happened with the current Covid-19 vaccination situation. You have only been given 50 pieces of the 500-piece puzzle. Here is what has been left out…

We are told that when we have symptoms, this means we are infected with a bacteria or virus. That is true, but we are not told that WE are the cause of that bacterial or viral infection. Not because we didn’t wear a mask and touched or breathed in something that had the microbe on it, but because our life choices are what has created the toxic conditions inside our body for the bacteria or virus to feed on.

Clean conditions in the body = no need for the virus to invade.

Dead cells and toxic conditions in the body = the virus needs to clean house.

For example, if you eat healthy food, refrain from recreational activities that poison the lungs, get exercise, live in an area where the air is clean, and have a positive attitude, your lungs are going to be clean and free from poisons that destroy the cells. In this case, a bacteria or virus are not needed. Your lungs are healthy.

However, if you eat poorly, smoke cigarettes, marijuana or another drug, live in a smoggy location, work in a facility that off-gasses toxic vapors, do not exercise, and live a fearful life, your lungs are going to be poisoned and primed for a bacterial or viral invasion to clean out all these poisons and dead cells that were created from the poisons that YOU chose to partake in.

Why? Because this is the sole purpose of bacteria and viruses…to compost dead cells and debris, not to attack healthy cells. How many scientific studies would it take for you to believe me? 10? 50? 100?

I have found over 6000 scientific studied on pub-med from medical institutions around the world that prove this. Yes, there are some circumstances where you were not the cause such as if you were a child who grew up around a parent who smoked. In that case, your parent poisoned your lungs with their second-hand smoke. Or if you are driving down the street and the exhaust of the vehicle in front of you is strong, and you are forced to breathe it in. These lung poisoning circumstances are out of your control and I am sorry this happened to you. It happened to me too.

So before your choose if you want to vaccinate or not, you must have all the information, all of the pieces fo the puzzle, and know all of your options first:

Here are a few:

  1. Vaccinate yourself to stop the viral cleanse and wear a mask. Make no other changes and take the chance that the poisons in your body that the virus was there to clean out will not turn into cancer or some other debilitating disease. The mask will prevent you from being exposed to all other weaker microbes that do smaller less-intense cleanses, so there will be no cleaning out of your body at all. If you also use strong chemicals to clean your environment, you will also be adding even more poisons to your body that are not being allowed to be cleaned out by the microbes. Most people who choose this then must continue with other medications to counter the symptoms produced by the dead cells and poisons in their body.

  2. Vaccinate yourself to stop the viral cleanse but do not wear a mask. In this option, you are preventing the strong Covid-19 detox from happening in your body, but you are allowing yourself to continue to be exposed to weaker bacteria and viruses that are in the world so there is some level of natural cleaning happening to a smaller degree.

  3. Do not vaccinate yourself and do not wear a mask. If this is your choice, you understand that if your body needs the cleanse you will get it and if your body is clean it will not need this natural viral cleanse. You allow any and all microbes that are needed to come into your body and do the job of cleaning house as necessary. It is also necessary to clean your surroundings of toxic poisons that are creating debris in your body. Detox your home, your kitchen cupboard, your office, your car, and other places you frequent.

Detox Your Home To Reduce Your Chances Of The Next Wave Of The Virus

The good news is there is something you can do about it. There are scientifically proven ways to detox your lungs, and the rest of your body, so viruses do not have to come in and do the work for you and you don’t have to live afraid of scary viruses any longer. It’s your choice….. live afraid of bacteria and viruses, vaccinating for everything that comes along, wear a mask all the time, and suffer with chronic illness and risk getting cancer…….or take control over your own health, get your body and mind healthy, clean out the debris and rebuild new healthy cells and live free again.

For my consults, we usually start with the home. We go through the entire home and look for poisons that are creating toxic conditions in your body. We note them and what the alternatives would be allowing you to pick your poisons of choice and discard others, finding healthier alternatives.

A virus does not cause disease. Our toxic surroundings cause disease. Take control over your health and teach your children this as young as possible.

Kimberly Williams is a medical researcher and health consultant. 424-335-9335 or


short video:

6000+ studies show how bacteria and viruses break down tumors and debris in our body.

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