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Sweet Smelling Poisons

After 2 days at a craft show, I ended up with a sinus infection. Cause: breathing in toxic chemicals from the Scentsy booth right next to me. Scentsy... is a fragrance company that sells fragranced wax bars to make your home smell good but the ingredients are highly caustic (click link to see ingredients:

, and these chemicals destroyed the lining of my sinuses, throat and lungs. In the exact same way cigarette smoke destroys healthy respiratory cells causing bacterial and viral infections to happen….chemical gasses and vapors do the same thing only there are no particles or smoke to see and most of the time companies disguise the harmful vapors to make them smell inticing to trick you…..they make them smell good so they are attractive to your senses.

Scentsy makes over half a billion dollars a year poisoning you, and your family and most of the consumers who support them have no idea what they are buying. In fact, most of the scentsy reps are in the dark as well and have no idea what they are selling.

There are two types of poisons in the air: 1. Particles and 2. Vapors/gasses, also called VOC’s and are invisible. The EPA estimates the average home to have 2-5 times the amount of air pollution INSIDE the home than outside, and in some homes it is up to 100 times more toxic than indoors. Particles such as dust and dander actually only make up a small portion of these poisons. It is the VOC’s…volatile organic chemicals…or off-gassing of the products in your home that do most of the poisoning and HEPA filters do nothing against VOC’s. Bacterial and viral infections increase in the winter because we spend more time indoors in our poisoned spaces with doors and windows closed breathing in the chemicals. The gasses and vapors destroy healthy cells in our lungs, throat and sinuses and then microbes move in to compost down these dead cells. Sorry for the details but I have been coughing up phlegm and mucus the past 24 hours. Our body produces this so the poisons and dead cells can be coughed out. I am detoxing.

Get Smart: Do your research as a family about what products you are poisoning yourself with and make some changes. For example, instead of toxic products like Scentsy, use 100% pure essential oils to fragrance your home. Covid variants will not go away until we all work together on this to address the ROOT cause. Vaccinations DO NOT address root cause. They are a band-aid. That is why variants emerge.

Sinus Infection Remedies: Sinus infections can be either bacterial or viral. Doctors will usually prescribe an antibiotic even though most infections are viral and antibiotics do not destroy viruses. The antibiotic will destroy a tremendous amount of the much needed flora in your body and that can take a very long time to regenerate. Remember...the microbe, be it bacterial or viral, is there to break down the toxins that you inhaled and to compost the dead cells so they can move out of your body. If tolerable, you don't want to destroy it until it has done its job of cleaning you out. If you are too poisoned and you cannot tolerate the detox then yes...take the meds if you must, but you must then find another way to cleanse these poisons from your lungs.

Natural remedy: Put distilled water in a pan and bring to a boil. Put a towel over your head and breathe in the steam for as long as you can. Breathe in both your mouth for the moisture to get to your lungs and through your nose for the moisture to get to your sinuses. The heat will open everything up and help it drain out and the moisture will help flush out the debris. The headache will go away immediately. Depending on how severe the poisoning will determine how long this cleansing takes before the symptoms stop completely. The headache will eventually return until everything is cleared out so do this as often as possible. The more you do the better. You will start to cough up mucus and thick discharge. This is good. This is the mucus grabbing the poisons and dead cells and coughing/expelling it out of your body. If you dont support this in happening, you are leaving this debris in your body to be encapsulated and possibly turn into a tumor in the future...or at least cause other chronic conditions such as COPD. Hot hot as you can stand...are also excellent in promoting the body to sweat. Sweating is another scientifically proven way poisons move out of our body. Take a hot bath every night. Sprinkle some Terramin clay in your water to absorb the toxin in your water....everyone has toxins in the water that comes from their faucet. Another option to the clay is Himalayan Salt crystals in your bath water. Usually after a few days of this the respiratory system will be cleansed and the symptoms will dissipate. You will feel great and have all of your energy back again and you will not have stopped the cleansing process pushing the poisons and debris back into your body, and two...added additional poisons from the medications which can also be hard on other organs.

Your lungs are going to be dry so drinking some full-fat raw milk, or eating raw unpasteurized butter throughout the day helps keep the respiratory system lubricated and it helps create the mucus necessary to grab ahold of the poisons and pull them out. Another option is shooting raw eggs "Rocky style". A little raw unheated honey throughout the day also helps. If you know you have the vegan gene and have chosen to be diary-free, you can take a teaspoon of truly cold-pressed oil of your choice periodically throughout the day to lubricate your throat, although raw dairy works best. You can also make a lubrication formula with raw eggs (Rocky eats them) raw butter, lemon juice and raw unheated honey. You can get the recipe in Aajonus Vonderplanitz books... "We Want To Live" or "Recipes For Living Without Disease".

Now that you have detoxed your lungs, you need to rebuild. If you were using the raw eggs and raw milk for your detox....congratulations....the undamaged proteins in these raw foods work to rebuild at the same time so you were detoxing. So you were detoxing and rebuilding. If you used pasteurized dairy or seed oils, you will need to get complete proteins in your diet to rebuild the lung tissue. Any raw unheated meats such as sushi, carpaccio, ceviche, kibble, steak tartar, or raw egg smoothies will provide the necessary nutrients for rebuilding. If that is not an option for you, you can supplement by taking Ancestral Supplements Lung This provides necessary nutrients for rebuilding the lung tissue that has been cleaned out.

It really works and you will be healthier in the long run. In the mean time...get these poisons out of your home and office!

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