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Athletic Doping…Without the Dope

The reason athletes use performance enhancing drugs is to increase lean muscle mass and strength, decrease recovery time, and increase energy and endurance. The problem with these synthetic drugs is that they are toxic to the body and although may accomplish the intended goals, they can also cause serious health conditions such as heart palpitations, heart arrhythmias, tremors, stroke and even death.

There is another highly effective way to enhance athletic performance without using drugs. Detoxing and Rebuilding with foods in their purest form has been shown to build incredible lean muscle mass and strength and reduce unnecessary fluid weight giving athletes excess energy to use in their performance. Here’s how it works…

When you run your hand along a wooden rail and you get a splinter in it, what happens? The splinter is a foreign object that is not supposed to be in the body so the body sends fluids to the area to inflame the area to flush out this foreign object and the dead cells that were created from the splinter.

When you eat non-organic and cooked and processed foods, a similar process happens. Some of the food toxins are eliminated through the GI tract but some of them get stored in the body where microbes and fluids go to work to try to flush them out. If the body has been bombarded with too many environmental or food poisons and our organs cannot eliminate all of them, some of them store in cells which cause inflammation.

The cooking process of most foods creates scientifically proven toxins. Cooking animal protein produces heterocyclic amines among other toxins. Cooking fats produces glycotoxins and cooking grains produces acrylamides. All are highly damaging to the human body. In addition, most packaged and prepared foods have many preservatives that the body reads as toxic. The body sees these toxins very much like the splinter…. something it has to remove. So it sends fluids and microbes to the area to breakdown the foreign substance and flushes it out. Many people have fluid retention due to the fact that their body is holding onto these fluids to protect itself from all of these foreign substances that they have ingested.

In addition, the environmental poisons that an individual is exposed to in the form of vapors from synthetic fragrances, chemical air fresheners, chemical cleaning agents, plastics and other environmental toxins, also store in the body creating a need for increased water retention and the body uses energy to both protect itself and naturally detoxify itself.

The body is exerting so much energy to protect itself and remove these poisons. Cleaning the physical body of food and environmental toxins eliminates the need of the body to use energy to do this work. This excess energy can now be channeled into athletic performance.

In addition, eating foods, including animal protein in its raw unheated form, such as shooting eggs “Rocky Style” or eating sushi, carpaccio, ceviche, and kibbe, for example, produce absolutely NONE of these cooking toxins which allows the body to quickly breakdown these pure proteins into the energy needed without having to channel any energy into removing the dead toxic cooked portions of the meat or eggs. Body builders around the world have known this for decades and would eat nothing but raw eggs for days before a competition to increase lean muscle mass and strength.

Did you know the egg is the perfect protein source and every dried protein powder on the market is designed to duplicate the perfect egg. Not possible. Just put an organic pasture raised egg or two in your smoothie… there is your protein shot and you wont even know its there. I have been eating raw eggs every day for the past 20 years. Has completely changed my body and my life.

Forget the can get the same results with food and by cleaning up your environment.

For more information or for a consultation, contact Kim Williams…

Research & Consulting 424-335-9335

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Good advice about raw eggs. I always cook my organic eggs. Im vegetarian and do a lot of exercising. Im really fit but this would give even extra fitness.

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