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Indoor Air Pollution Of Your Home Makes You More Susceptible To Covid Viruses And Their Mutations

What happens when the weather turns colder? We close up our doors and windows and are inside our homes much more frequently. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, most people spend about 90% of their time indoors, and during colder months, this number can climb even higher.

EPA studies relating to human exposure to air pollutants show that “indoor levels of pollutants may be 2-5 times, and as much as 100 times higher than outdoor air pollution levels. This is astounding!

The pollutants come from chemical air fresheners, carpet fresheners, cleaning products, laundry products, furniture that off-gasses toxins such as formaldehyde, plastics, perfumes, beauty products, candles, fireplaces, and even from cooking methods in the kitchen such as frying foods in hot oils.

When these toxins are breathed in, they damage healthy cells of the respiratory system including the sinuses, nasal passages, throat and lungs. These free radicals can also be absorbed into the bloodstream where they can travel anywhere in the body causing damage. These dead cells now need to be broken down and cleaned out.

Our body is made of trillions of bacteria and viruses. When we die, healthy cells die inside us because they are no longer getting oxygen to survive. Bacteria and viruses in our body “turn on” and begin to decompose (or compost) our body from the inside out. The exact same thing happens on a more microscopic level when we are alive.When we kill healthy cells in our body from breathing in toxins, for example, bacteria and viruses are used to decompose the dead cells.

If you keep your body healthy, it will not need a virus to compost the dead cells. If you continue to poisons your respiratory system and the respiratory system of your family, you are setting yourself up with dead cells for the virus to feed on.

Why do you think the first people to be impacted by Covid 2 years ago were smokers, firefighters, cities with high air pollution like Wuhan, China and big polluted cities in the US? The first people to be impacted by Covid were those with already poisoned lungs.

Then panic set in! Everyone, including the healthy that were not at risk of the disease, ran out and bought toxic harsh chemicals to clean their homes. Remember… before Covid, people spent over 90% of their time indoors in a space that was already 2-5 times more toxic than the outdoors, and now they have added even more chemical VOC’s (vapors and gasses) that destroy even more lung tissue. The panic caused people to poison themselves and their families further setting themselves up for the virus to THRIVE in all.

The healthy became poisoned and primed for the virus


There IS something you can do NOW to protect yourself, your family and your pets.

1. Clean up your indoor spaces. Get rid of as many products as you can that are off-gassing, emitting toxic gasses and vapors that are poisoning you, and replace them with natural cleaners that work just as well or in many cases…better.

There is a fantastic book by Debra Lynn Dadd called Home Safe Home. Debra suffered from all kinds of chronic health conditions until she realized that she had been literally poisoning herself. Once she made her home a non-toxic home, the diseases she suffered from disappeared.

2. Get a VOC air purifier. HEPA filters filter out particles like dust and dander, but they DO NOT filter out vapors and gasses which are invisible and cannot be trapped by a HEPA filter. VOC purifiers use activated carbon, also called activated charcoal, to absorb these poisons in the air before you breathe them.

3. Live Plants! Live plants absorb toxic air pollutants. Some of the best at doing this include the Jade plant, Spider plant, Bromeliad, Caribbean Tree Cactus, and the Dracaena. Go Green.

4. Castile Soap can be used to clean everything and has been scientifically proven to dissolve viruses, including the Covid virus. The soap dissolves the outside membrane and the virus literally falls apart. See links to references below if you want to understand the science of this non-toxic option. Peroxide is also another choice and is listed on the CDC’s list of Covid killing products.

5. If you have children, swap out as much of the plastic for natural toys, games, and dolls. Plastics not only poison our environment as many of these hard products never decompose, but the off-gassing poisons your children. Natural hand-made items are returning to our homes again.

6. After you clean up your own home help others do so as well. The homes that you visit, the homes that your children spend time in, the offices you work in, the facilities you work in, the classrooms your children spend time in, are also all contributing to your heath or sickness and the health or sickness of your family. Help others understand this science. We must all work together.

Yes, we are exposed to many poisons in the outside world that are out of our control until everyone understands that we are blaming the wrong thing. It is not the virus that is the root cause of this pandemic. It is the conditions of our body, our environment, our world…that cause the internal destruction which then cause the viruses to emerge to do its clean up work. Vaccines are a temporary band aid. If you only cut the weed off above ground it will grow back. Until we get to the root cause and pull it out (clean up our world), the weed (Covid) will keep coming back.

Do Your Part. Take Control. No one else is going to do it for us.

Kimberly Lynn Williams is a medical researcher and consultant. She conducts detailed home inspections and provides you with a report of the indoor toxins that are creating negative conditions and disease in your families (and pets) bodies. - 424-335-9335



Home Safe Home, Debra Lynn Dadd.

Our body made of trillions of microbes

CDC list products that destroy bacteria and viruses. Just because it is on this list DOES NOT mean it is healthy for you. It only means it kills Covid. Hydrogen peroxide is the least toxic product on the list. I contacted the EPA about getting Castile soap added to the list providing all of the science and they have not responded.

Soap The Best Killer of Viruses via CDC: Castile soap is the safest

Healthy Home Magazine Reference

VOC air purifiers:

These are the top 2 VOC purifiers. I suggest calling both companies and speaking to them about what you are looking for. Although the design is not the best, I found the Aller Air to be the best for VOC’s. When my daughter was only a year old we moved into an apartment that had just put in brand new carpeting that was off-gassing terribly. I bought my first Allerair VOC purifier at that time. I also have a friend who loves Austin Air. Do your own research.

Molekule – Supposedly they have a VOC purifier but their customer service is not good. No phone number to call, only deal with you through emails. I did not like this myself.

Super Cute Natural Toy Ideas

Viruses do not touch healthy cells only dead cells and toxins in the body

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