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Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Q - Why do some people get the virus and some do not?

A – Natural bacteria and viruses are designed to do one thing and one thing only…. To compost dead cells and poisons/ toxins and debris in our body so it can be moved out. So they assist in cleaning us out. If your body is poisoned, you are susceptible to the virus or any other bacteria or virus. If your body is relatively clean you are not susceptible. It really is that simple.

Q – How do I know if I have a poisoned body? Is there a blood test to tell me?

A – Yes and No. There is no test that can tell you definitively if your body has poisons in it or not. There are some blood tests that test for heavy metals and usually alternative doctors offer this test. There are thousands and thousands and thousands of chemicals and toxins in the world because humans have created a really poisoned world. We are all exposed to some level of environmental poisons in our life nearly every day, some of us more than others, so we all have some level of toxins in us, it’s a matter of how much, what kind, and if you work on detoxing on a regular basis. The level and kind of toxins in us are what determine one’s level of health or disease. Maybe some day we will be able to test for every possible chemical on the planet but today we do not have that capability. You are poisoned. We are all poisoned to some degree. Those that are poisoned the worst will have the worst symptoms.

If someone has frequent respiratory infections then they have been exposed to some level of poisons that have damaged and stored in their lungs. Bacteria and viruses move in to the area to compost down all this debris (the dead cells and debris from the toxins). The symptoms one experiences such as cough, phlegm, runny nose, mucus, headaches, fevers, etc are how the body moves this broken-down debris out of the body.

All disease is nothing more than a poisoned body and/or a body deficient in nutrients. That is it. End of story.

The virus does not cause disease. One’s exposure to environmental poisons causes damage to once healthy cells, which creates the conditions in the body for the virus to feed on.

Q – What about Ivermectin? People are using this to treat Covid-19.

A – Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic used in animals. It works by paralyzing and killing the parasites. Do you want a part of your body paralyzes? Because that is what it does, it paralyzes and destroys...the virus and part of your body.

If the virus is destroyed by the Ivermectin, then those who are taking it are destroying what is trying to clean them out so they are leaving the debris in their body PLUS they are adding additional poisons from the Ivermectin. They have no idea what they are doing to themselves because they are not being given all of the information.

Q – Ok. Going back to the Ivermectin. 5 of my friends in LA had the same Covid symptoms and took the Ivermectin and they were all cured of Covid.

A – They were not “cured”. The virus was composting/breaking down the dead cells and the debris in their body and the symptoms they experienced was all this debris coming out of them. How do you think it gets out of our body? The medication either destroyed the virus or paralyzed it temporarily, stopping the composting process. If the composting process is halted in the body, there will not be any debris to move out of the body so you will not experience symptoms any longer. All the dead cells and debris and toxins are still left inside of them to store and turn into a tumor or just sit there and cause a body part to stop functioning well. Plus now they have the toxin of the Ivermectin in them to clear. If there are enough tumors, and toxins and debris in a body part, that body part can completely shut down. Take smokers for example. Enough nicotine and chemicals build up from cigarettes and the lungs don’t work any longer.

If you have a bacterial or viral infection… be happy. That means your body is working the way its supposed to work. If it is way too intense for you to handle, then take some meds to slow it down or stop it, but then you have to detox the meds and you still have to find another way to detox the tumors and debris in your body that are left there. If you are not letting a bacteria or virus do it, find another way to do it. There are ways.

Q – Why do some people die from an infection then?

A – If your body is SOOOOO poisoned AND/OR you are not doing what you need to do to rebuild as the virus is breaking down, then that body part will stop working. Most people in the world are not taught how to rebuild new healthy cells in the body so they are not regenerating new cells as the old ones are being cleaned out.

It’s kind of like how if termites infest an old barn. If you just let the termites break down all the old barnwood and you do nothing, the barn is going to fall down. If you are putting new boards up as the termites are eating away the old wood planks, then when the termites have eaten away all the old dried up stuff, you will have a new barn at the end. It’s all perspective. When my clients have the “flu” or a “cold” or are detoxing… I say…”Congratulations!!!” Of course my clients are taught how to rebuild so that when the cleansing process is finished, they are healthier at the end.

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