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WARNING: Covid-19 is only the beginning

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

So you think Covid-19 was bad? That was just the prequel. The Covid-19 pandemic was a wake-up call to test us and we failed miserably. “The Test” was to see if we would rally together and handle “the cause”. We did not. Once again, we blamed a virus for the pandemic and handled the “symptoms” only. For this reason, stronger variants are emerging all over the world and a virus even more deadly than Covid-19 will surface.

It is not too late to stop this from happening, but everyone must understand that a virus did not cause the pandemic. The cause of the pandemic is from the poisoning of the planet which has poisoned our bodies. Viruses thrive in debris. Poison your body and you create debris for the virus to propagate. It's that simple. This is exactly why those who had poisoned lungs were the most susceptible at the onset of the virus. Remember how smokers and firefighters were at high risk? This is no coincidence. Their lungs were full of debris allowing the virus to THRIVE.

Young healthy people and children were not at risk at the beginning of the pandemic. Then, we barricaded ourselves and our children in our toxic homes that off-gas poisonous chemicals, breathed-in toxic cleaners, and disinfectants, ate an abundance of garbage comfort food, thus creating debris in our body for the virus to live and proliferate. Don’t believe your home is poisoning you? Read “Home Safe Home” by Debra Lynn Dadd. This virus happened as a wake-up call to all.

There is a massive cleansing of the planet happening right now. If you want to protect yourself and your family from the next round of emerging viruses, you need to take the time right now to understand what is really happening and what it takes to survive.

If you understand this basic concept, you will be light years ahead of most.

I am guessing that most people have gotten a splinter in their hand or foot at some point in their life. What happens when this occurs? The splinter is a foreign object that penetrates the skin destroying some healthy cells in its path. When cells are destroyed and there is a foreign object in the area, our body is alerted that these dead cells (and the splinter) need to be removed. Our body turns on microbes to break down the debris (in this case, the debris would be the dead cells and the foreign object). Then, it sends fluids to the area to inflame the area to flush all of this out of the body. This is what is known as the “inflammatory response”.

This exact same composting process is happening inside every one of us every minute of every day. When environmental poisons enter our body through food, the air we breathe, the water we drink and bathe in, and from modern technology that is emitted into the world, these poisons destroy healthy cells and leave behind toxins. When we have dead cells and poisons in our body, it turns on microbes like bacteria and viruses to move to the area to compost down the poisons and dead cells. Once it's composted down, fluids move in to flush it out of us. Every “symptom” we experience is actually the stored poisons and dead cells coming out of us. This is how it gets out.

Why do you think smokers have high rates of respiratory infections? The “infections” are the microbes moving to the area to break down all the dead cells and poisons that the smokers caused to their body. If they take medications to stop the “infection” (which is actually a natural cleansing and detox happening), then all those poisons stay in the body instead of getting cleaned out. They keep smoking and adding more poisons. What happens? Our body tries a STRONGER virus, but we stop that one too, pushing all the poisons and dead cells back into the body. So our body tries a STRONGER virus. Every year we have a new seasonal flu virus. But we keep stopping them from doing their job. So finally, the body creates a SUPER-BUG… ..aka Covid-19. Stopping Covid will only create a stronger one. In fact, it's already happening, isn’t it? Variants are emerging. They are stopped by the vaccine for now, but they will eventually overpower that as well. You cannot stop nature.

Curtis Suttle, a processor of earth, ocean, and atmospheric sciences at the University of British Columbia estimates 1023 different viruses that live in the ocean alone. He estimates over 700 million live viruses are deposited onto every square meter of our planets’ surface every day.

Viruses are not our enemy. They are designed to work synergistically with us. Don’t you think it’s a little odd that humans are the only animal on the planet, out of 8.7 million different animal species, that is terrified of bacteria and viruses? All other animals live synergistically with them. If you want to survive the next round, understand this. Super-power bleach and detergents will not protect you. They will only make matters worse in the long run. Clean out your body, clear out your mind, and help clean up our environment from the poisons that are killing us. It’s the only path to freedom.

Our body is a complex microbiome of trillions of bacteria and viruses (including Covid-19) that are constantly “composting” poisons and dead cells to keep us healthy. This process prevents cancer, auto-immune disorders, neurological disorders, arthritis, and many other medical conditions. Stopping Covid-19 and other viral infections makes you sicker…and will cause an even stronger virus to emerge.


How to prevent another pandemic from happening:

Vaccinating responsibility & toxic body load:

There are more viruses on earth than there are stars in the universe:

* I have been warning of a stronger viruses since the release of the vaccinations. Since then, new stronger variants have emerged even in those who are fully vaccinated from Covid-19. This is becasue we have not handled root cause... vaccinations do not handle root cause.

Kimberly Lynn Williams is a researcher and consultant helping people and organizations detox their body and environment for health and wellness.

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