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Corona Virus: The Cause… The Cure…And How to Prevent Another Pandemic From Happening Again

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Our medical system is operating from a theory that saves lives in the present time but is totally non-sustainable and is actually one of the main contributors to cancer, dementia, auto-immune disorders, neurological diseases, and chronic illnesses. The theory I am referring to is the "germ theory". The idea that "germs" are waiting in the shadows to attack healthy people and destroy them is a theory that began in the mid 1800's and even though this theory has a mound of scientific evidence from major medical institutes proving this incorrect, we still operate solely from this theory today.

In the mid 1800's, two theories emerged almost was the "germ theory" of Pasteur and the other was the "terrain theory" of Antoine Beauchamp. Because it is common for the human mind to get fixated on the idea that only one way can be correct, one was chosen..."the germ theory". Unfortunately, this decision has thrown everything off balance in our world. Science has proven that BOTH men were correct and the ONLY way for humans to survive on this planet is for us to re-educate ourselves about the TRUE CAUSE OF DISEASE so we can stop living in fear of disease, and start taking control over it.

Before I challenge you to open your mind to a new paradigm of what really causes illness, including COVID-19, let us first thank all of the health care workers around the globe that are out there in the trenches day and night, putting their own health at risk to save other human lives.


The only way to stop viruses like COVID-19, and the other corona viruses that have emerged recently (such as SARS - severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus, and MERS - middle eastern respiratory syndrome corona virus, and other common cold corona viruses) from continuing to emerge and eventually destroying us, is to understand the true cause of nearly every disease on our planet. Bacteria and viruses DO NOT cause disease. Humans do. Nearly every disease and ailment that exists today and has existed in the past, including COVID-19, is caused by two things and usually a combination of both. The cause of disease is from: environmental poisons and deficiencies.

To understand this, we must first understand basic science and the purpose of microbes such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and molds. For purposes of this article I am going to group bacteria, viruses, parasites and molds into one category and call them "BVPM microbes" even though they all differ slightly in how they operate. BVPM microbes are like little super-heroes in our body that are naturally designed to break down weakened cells, dead cells, cellular debris, and scar tissue, in addition to environmental toxins that have found their way into our body and are now stored there.

This process happens in anything living such as in fruits and vegetables. When the healthy cells on your cucumber or strawberries start to weaken or die off, bacteria and mold grow on it to break it down and get rid of the dead cells and debris. These microbes break down the dead decaying cells into a tiny fraction of its original size so it can then become part of the earth. You may have even seen produce in your refrigerator drawer break down into pretty much nothing but liquid if left there way too long. Parasites such as leaches and maggots have been used in medicine to do the same thing topically by eating off the dead cells and debris. Once all of the dead cells are gone, these parasites fall off of the wound.

The same exact thing happens to the weakened and dead cells inside the human body. Cells die if they do not have the proper nutrients and oxygen to keep them alive. They also die when environmental toxins pass through the body coming in contact with these healthy cells, destroying them completely, depleting their energy, or weakening them by storing inside of them. The diagram below represents how toxins destroy some of our healthy live cells, leaving cellular debris, and can also store in other cells weakening them. The way toxins destroy healthy cells is kind of like if you had a ball with sharp spikes on it and you rolled it through a room of balloons. The spikes would pop some of the balloons leaving the debris of the balloon lying there.

(*Note: bacteria and viruses do this in slightly different ways which I will describe in a future post).

Here is a short 2 min video describing the process.

We know this to be true as we have seen it in the lungs of a smoker where the toxins are stored in the lung cells and air sacs, and many of the cells in the lung tissue are destroyed. See photo below.

Or, in the liver of a heavy drinker we see how the alcohol toxins destroyed the once healthy liver cells.

What most people do not know is that every body part that is not functioning in the body has ceased to function due to toxins that have destroyed it and/or deficiencies that have prevented the cells of that body part from thriving.

Cataracts are debris that has collected in the eyes:

Colitis is from poisons that are dumped into the stomach to be moved out the G.I. tract, but have caused damage to the lining on their way out. This also happens from toxic food that is eaten and passes through the system damaging cells.

Dementia is caused by cells that have died in the brain and the debris is left there acting as a road block preventing the neurological connections. It is like driving down the highway and there was a 25 car accident that happened up ahead of you closing the highway. Now you have to find a way around it by taking the exit and finding some backroads to get to your destination. That is what is happening in the brain. It can sometimes remodel itself by finding a way around that debris. And other times there is just too much to get around.

Our body is naturally designed to eliminate dead cells and toxins by sending fluids to the area where they are located to flush them out. But sometimes the size of the toxins or debris is too large and our body needs help to break them down, or to break down an accumulation of this debris before it is sent out of the body. This is where bacteria, viruses, parasites and molds come in. These organisms are designed to go into action when parts of the body become overly congested with debris, breaking down weakened cells, dead cells and toxic debris into smaller sizes so they can efficiently be moved out of our body. This is what they were naturally designed to do. BVPM microbes each have their own unique way of accomplishing this which I will discuss later.

The actual elimination of this debris through every possible orifice of our body is what we call “symptoms”. Everything that comes out of our body has the potential of carrying toxins out with it. Sweat, vomit, diarrhea, ear wax, tears, breath, mucus, phlegm, discharge from the skin, vaginal discharge, semen..… all have the potential to carry dead cells and toxins out with them. How do you think all of this stuff gets out of our body in the first place? This is exactly how! So when you stop the symptoms you stop it from coming out of you. Instead of de-toxing you are re-toxing.

Natural bacteria, viruses, parasites and molds assist in the detoxification process of our body. When you have a cold or happy...your body is detoxing. The bacteria or virus is breaking down the debris and your body is eliminating it. When you have the chicken pox, or measles, or shingles, or stomach flu, or salmonella, or corona virus…… your body is detoxing and moving the poisons and dead cells out certain areas of your body. Then, the T-cells/white blood cells move in and shut down the bacteria or virus. When this happens, the symptoms stop because these larger amounts of debris and toxins are no longer being eliminated at a rapid pace.

One of the primary causes of COVID-19 is that we were designed to live in this world…

Not this world…

We have created such a toxic world and our bodies are so full of poisons that these BVPM organisms are constantly working away and some of us who have more toxicity than others will experience more symptoms. Or they experience what we call chronic "infections”, which we now know are "detoxifications", over and over as the body is trying to clean itself out again and again and again.

It is no wonder that the COVID-19 virus was turned on in Wuhan. Their air pollution is very high causing their lungs to become highly toxic. Below are photos of Wuhan, China showing days where the smog and particles in the air were so bad from the numerous factories putting out poisons, combined with the burning from the area farms, that people wore face masks. I cannot confirm, but have read that the people there have protested against this pollution that has caused their families to become extremely ill, but their voices have been shut down. The photo below of the man and boys was not taken in the last few months during the corona virus outbreak, this photo was taken in June of 2014, and the photos of the Wuhan smog were from the past 4 years.

It is also no wonder why COVID-19 is hitting the US so hard. Our US culture may be the highest users of toxic chemicals. The amount of toxic cleansers we use in our homes along with the chemicals used on furniture and building materials in our homes is more than excessive, but more importantly, they are making our bodies toxic, which allows for bacteria and virus to go crazy in the body trying to clean us out. The COVID - 19 fear has Americans flocking to stores buying up as many bottles of bleach and chemical cleansers as they can get their hands on, where they take to their homes and poison their lungs even more causing more respiratory damage and more fuel for the COVID-19 fire.


When our body starts to accumulate toxins and tries to push them out and we exerience symptoms such as fever, and cough, and mucus....what do we do????? We go into fear mode and do what ever we can to stop the symptoms, and that usually involves taking medications. We stop the fever and diarrhea that are eliminating toxins through sweat and the GI tract. We dry up the phlegm and mucus that were created to act as a carrier to remove the poisons from our lungs. We stop the runny nose that happens when the body sends fluids to the toxic areas to flush them out. We stop the cough that is designed to break up and expel toxins out of the lungs. And, we prevent many of these natural detoxifications from happening in the first place with vaccinations, which all have highly caustic chemicals in them.

(*Note: there is a time and place to use vaccines and medications to stop these detoxes, which I will speak to later).

We have pushed the toxins back into our body preventing them from coming out and we have also potentially added additional medication toxins. And if you are one of these people who takes additional medications to stop the side effects of the first medication, you have even more poisons storing in your body that are competing to move out of your skin or nose or ears or GI tract, and you just keep accumulating more and more and more as you live your life until one day...your body is in toxic body overload.

Our body is really smart. It was designed to self-clean so it says to itself. "Well… I tried this bacteria and that bacteria...this virus and that virus...but none of them worked. I still have all these poisons in me so I better create something different. And it does. Every year it tries a different flu virus strain. This is why people who get flu vaccines have to get a different one each year… because the virus strain is different from year to year. It mutates and changes trying different strengths and strains to clean us out so we can be healthy, but year after year we keep stopping it with vaccines and medications.

Then one day our body says….. "These are still not working. They must not be strong enough. I had better make something stronger".


Anti-biotic resistant bacteria or a strong viral mutation like COVID-19 are born and they hit the body hard.

What do you think is going to naturally happen when this super-strong COVID-19 virus appears in the toxic lungs of the people in Wuhan who have been breathing this air pollution for so many years? Or what is it going to do when it gets transmitted to an elderly person who has decades of poisons accumulated in their lungs? It is not uncommon for the elderly today to have smoked when they were young. It was part of what their generation did. It is also not uncommon for them to use extremely toxic chemicals as cleaning agents in their home. It is what they know. And the elderly that are in nursing homes are breathing in extremely dangerous cleaning and sterilization chemicals day in and day out, and windows are not opened to get fresh air circulating. The chemicals are what are circulating. Their lungs are getting more and more compromised in these homes. Many have what we call "underlying respiratory conditions" which is just another name for extremely toxic lungs. Which one of these people are going to experience severe detox symptoms and who is going to experience mild or no symptoms? The virus is naturally designed to detox the which lungs are going to get hit the hardest by a virus designed to clean house?

A young person can also get hit hard with the virus if they have been a smoker themselves, or exposed to second hand smoke growing up, or vapors, or smoked anything, or breathe in a lot of household cleaning chemicals as a child, or are exposed to an area with very dirty air (either inside or outside of the home). A typical nursery today is made with new furniture that off-gasses highly caustic chemicals such as formaldehyde. The bedding that babies and children (and adults for that matter) lay on and breathe for hours and hours have flame retardants, formaldehyde, polyurethane, and vinyl which all emit toxic VOC's that they inhale. I have also even seen children come into the world with compromised lungs due to a mother who smoked, or from a mother whose lungs became weakened and this mutated her lung own DNA which was passed to the child.

Lets touch very briefly on how inflammation plays a role in detoxification. Remember when you were a kid and you ran your hand across a piece of old wood and got a splinter in it? What happened? Your body got a warning that there was a foreign body (toxin) in it, so it sent fluids to the area to flush the foreign body out, along with the dead cells that were created from the splinter entering the skin. This is inflammation. It inflamed the area to flush the foreign body out. Then the body sends what it needs to the area to close up the hole and heal itself up. Notice the inflammation around the area with the splinter below?

Any kind of environmental poison that is in the body, including dead cells, get bacteria or viruses sent to the area to break it down, then fluids are sent in causing inflammation. Again, we blame inflammation as the cause of disease... but the cause of the inflammation is a toxin, such as a foreign body, environmental poison, or cellular debris. I can take this even deeper and go back further to the cause of the toxin.... but that is another Oprah Show.

So if you have lungs with a lot of toxins in them already and the body decides to use a virus to try to break down these toxins to eliminate them, you are going to develop a lot of fluids trying to flush the toxins out. This is why people with toxic lungs develop pneumonia where the air sacs fill with fluids and puss, and they cough it out. Pneumonia is a detoxification of the lungs through the puss and fluids and coughing. This is how the toxins are coming out.

Once someone has this virus, the detoxification process is going to happen if it needs to happen. If it does not need the detoxification, one will not expereince the symptoms. This is exactly why some people who get the virus experience symptoms and some do not.

The COVID-19 virus is a respiratory detoxifier. Virus are not alive (they have no cells) so to reproduce they insert themselves into a cell and use that cell to reproduce. There is ample evidence that the virus DO NOT invade healthy cells...only weakened cells. This is evident by the numerous studies that have been done by some of the most prestigious medical facilities in the country and world such as Harvard, Yale, Mayo Clinic and Albany University , to name only a few. When they injected bacteria and viruses such as e-coli, salmonella, the cold and flu viruses, the herpes virus, measles, chicken pox and other viruses into cancerous tumors, the tumors shrank or completely disappeared and no healthy cells were touched around the tumor. This is because tumors are made up of dead cells, cellular debris, and toxins. If the body is not allowed to eliminate toxins, it creates a capsule around them to protect itself from these poisons. That capsule is what we call a tumor. I bet by this time you can guess what the side effects were from scientists injecting bacteria and viruses into tumors. You guessed it...fever and sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, and other detoxification symptoms, as this is the tumor debris that was broken down by the bacteria or virus and is now escaping the body.


It does not matter if you want to prevent yourself from going through a COVID-19 viral detoxification ... OR.... if you have it and want to heal yourself from the detoxification process, the answer is exactly the same. In fact, the answer to every ailment is exactly the same. You must assist your body in removing the poisons that are the cause of the detoxification (or what one would typically call an infection) and you have to rebuild new healthy cells. If you do this... you will actually come out healthier on the other side.

Detox - Rebuild - Repeat

If your body is cleaning out toxins, dead cells and cellular debris, and you are not rebuilding new healthy cells, but you keep adding additional toxins to the body, such as medication poisons, food poisons, or environment poisons, you will get worse and the virus can just keep going and going and going and eventually your lungs will stop working. On the other hand, if the virus is detoxing your body, cleaning out the air sacs and dead cells and debris, and AT THE SAME TIME YOU ARE REBUILDING NEW HEALTHY are getting healthier. YEP HEALTHIER FROM THE VIRUS. This is what happens when you go through ANY bacterial or viral detox. If you are RE-BUILDING at the same time you are cleaning out.... you will be healthier.

The problem is that this is not what we typically do. Instead we stop the detox and add additional poisons in many forms. We stop the cough and fever and diarrhea which puts additional stress on the kidneys to do all of the work themselves.

Example of Detoxing and rebuilding an old barn:

Imagine this old barn is your lungs. If termites come in and start going to town on the old wood, they are going to take it down very quickly because the wood is old and dried out and crumbling and pieces are falling off.

If you were to fill the rafters of the barn with more old dead wood ( symbolic of medication toxins, food toxins, or additional poisons that are inhaled into the lungs from cigarettes, pollution, or vapors of any kind), then the termites could just keep multiplying in the barn much like a virus would. Eventually they will take the barn down and it will no longer function.

But if you are rebuilding at the same time you are removing the old debris, your barn is getting stronger.

And then you end up with a strong secure barn that functions.... like the lungs that will function if you do the same.

*Thank you Tweak & Style for the use of your barn pics :-)

Detox & Rebuild

The word "detox" has gotten a bad rap recently with unscrupulous companies out there using the word on products that do not actually detoxify the body. The word is also frequently associated with alcohol and drug detoxification, which IS a form of detox, but toxins are so much broader than just drugs and alcohol.

The word "Detox" literally means "to remove toxins or poisons". Fortunately, there are some incredible ways to naturally help the body speed up the removal of poisons. Some foods you may be eating now every day are naturally designed to do this. Be cautious and ask many questions and I will also provide you with some natural, healthy, and scientifically proven options.

COVID-19 Detox Symptoms

The virus can be in a person for 1 - 14 days before symptoms show up. During this period, the virus is multiplying in, and breaking down dead and weakened cells, cellular debris and toxins, and is reducing all of this to a fraction of its size for elimination. The shortness of breath occurs because of increased inflammation which can fill the air sacs causing the reduced oxygen. The cough loosens up the phlegm and mucus in the lungs which are holding the toxins so they can be expelled from the body. If the cough is dry, the individual has not taken in the proper nutrition (usually healthy raw fats) to create enough mucus and phlegm to prevent damage to the lungs causing possible scar tissue. A fever occurs to eliminate the cellular debris and toxins out the skin through sweat and to assist in the destruction of the virus.


There are 2 ways the body detoxifies. The first is to put the purest possible nutrition into the body to feed it's cells. The more healthy stuff you put in, the more unhealthy stuff moves out. As a visual, imagine you have a cup of clean clear water that is about 3/4 full. You pour a tablespoon of oil into the cup (representing toxins) and the oil floats on the top. As you pour more clean clear water into the cup, the cup will overflow and the oil on top will flow out of the cup. This is actually a form of detoxing and rebuilding at the same time. There are very specific foods that do this simultaneous detox and rebuild process. .

The second way to detox is to go in and grab the toxins and pull them out. If you have that same cup of clean clear water but you have a bunch of marbles on the bottom of the cup, pouring more water into the cup is not going to get the marbles out. You have to put a spoon in the cup and pull the marbles out. There are natural products and specific foods that are scientifically proven to actually do this as well.

Assisting the body during the viral detoxification process will speed up the process whether one chooses to use modern medicines or not.

Removing The Poisons:

Below are some options that actually remove dead cells, debris, and toxins from the body. Clients who incorporate one or more of these methods see excellent results during a detoxification process.

1. Terramin Clay - This clay binds with toxins which makes it a natural chelating agent, it alkalizes the body, and it deposits micro nutrients into the cells. Because this clay has a negative ionic charge, it binds with the positive ionic charge of toxins to pull them out of the body as it passes through. It also has a micron size that is so small it can go literally anywhere including inside of cells helping to both cleanse and rebuild.

2. Sweat- Studies have shown that sweat can remove more heavy metals than the kidneys alone can remove...up to 10 times as much. You can accomplish this in a sauna, hot tub, bathtub, hot yoga, or any form of exercise which makes you sweat.

3. Raw Foods: All toxins have a positive ionic charge to them. All cooked foods also have a positive ionic charge to them. The more well done or processed the food is, the stronger the positive charge. That is because cooking creates caustic compounds in the food. ALL FOODS IN THEIR RAW UNHEATED FORM, have a negative ionic charge so when you eat them, they bind with the positive charge of toxins. This means ALL FOOD including: Raw unpasteurized dairy, raw meat, raw eggs, raw fruits and vegetables and their fresh juices, raw nuts and seeds and their unheated oils.

Rebuilding New Healthy Cells:

Once again, you can detox all you want, but if you are not rebuilding at the same time, you can become weaker and weaker. The Terramin clay remineralizes as it detoxes, which is one of the reasons I use it nearly every day. The other essential component is raw foods. I am not suggesting anyone become a raw vegan, unless you have the genetics to support that, which studies have shown that over 80% of Americans DO NOT have the vegetarian gene (vegetarian allele) to allow them to live long-term on a vegetarian diet alone.

We know from studies conducted by the National Cancer Institute as well as from other medical organizations and institutions, that cooking food produces caustic compounds. Cooking meat for example produces Heterocyclic Amines (HCA's), cooking carbs such as potatoes and grains produces Acrylamides, cooking fats produce lipid peroxides, and heating the foods that produce our sweets such as sugar, syrup, and honey, creates toxic sugars that are highly damaging to the body when ingested. Raw unheated foods however, including raw meats, raw unpasteurized dairy, raw unheated nut and seed oils, fresh raw fruits/vegetables and their pressed juices, and truly raw unheated sugars, have absolutely NONE of these toxic compounds in them and instead of damaging the body, support, heal, and assist in rebuilding new healthy cells.

My 82 year old client who has underlying respiratory conditions is protecting herself from the virus by drinking a milkshake every day made with 2 fresh raw farm eggs, about 10-12 ounces fresh raw unpasteurized cow milk, and a tablespoon of raw unheated honey. The fresh raw fat from the eggs and dairy provide the nutrients necessary to help build mucus so the lungs can remain moisturized and able to grab and hold the toxins as they are coughed out. Serious problems can occur if you dry up the mucus, as it is designed to lubricate the lungs and hold the poisons so they can be eliminated safely out of the body. Not only does drying up the mucus prevent the toxins from being eliminated, it can cause violent dry coughs which can tear tissue in the lungs leaving scar tissue, thus causing the lungs to stop working as efficiently. This scar tissue also makes the lungs even more vulnerable to these stronger viruses. Now not only does the virus have to come in and clean out the toxins, but it also has scar tissue to clean out.

You can see how we have created this monster ourselves. Our lungs are poisoned with environmental toxins and the body tries to clean itself out using fever, mucus, coughing and other detoxifying processes. We stop the lubricating mucus by drying it up so our cough is now dry causing additional toxins with the micro tears and scar tissue in the lungs, and then we suppress the cough so we don't get the micro tears, thus preventing the toxins from coming out all together, plus we have the addition of the chemicals from medications and cleaning product vapors now in the body. We are the problem.


The only way to prevent another pandemic like this one from happening again is for everyone to be on a Detox - Rebuild - Repeat protocol. If everyone in the world were to follow a clearing and rebuilding protocol, eventually we will have a world full of people who are not so toxic that these superbugs need to develop in the first place. And eventually, our disease statistics will begin to reverse themselves. Isolation and social distancing is another band-aid that will not solve any problem if we do not address the underlying issue, and it is certainly not sustainable. More and more superbugs will continue to develop unless we all wake up. We cannot go through this process over and over again.

COVID-19 happened because we have stopped all the other respiratory detoxifications. If we stop this one and do not clean ourselves out, and keep adding poisons, an even stronger one will emerge.

It is your choice. You can sit back like 98% of the world watching the dramatic reports and be terrified wondering when COVID-19 is going to knock on your door and what it is going to do to you and your family. Or you can take control of your body and your health instead of letting the virus control you. Create little mini fevers through hot baths, saunas, hot yoga, exercise, etc. Start pulling the toxins and debris out of your body NOW with foods, and clay. Start rebuilding new healthy cells with food and by doing things that bring you joy and happiness. And like NIKE says...... JUST DO IT.

Nothing I suggest to my clients can harm them. It is food. If you dont want to do raw dairy or raw eggs then eat anything uncooked. All foods that are not cooked have a negative ionic charge to them. Toxins have a positive charge. When you eat an apple you are detoxing at the same time you are putting nutrients into your body. If you like sushi, eat sushi (the real raw kind not the Americanized deep fried or fake crab rolls). Eat carpaccio or ceviche'. Have some fresh pressed juices. And above all...... get some healthy raw unheated fat into your body every day to keep your respiratory system lubricated and protected... options include coconut cream, coconut oil, avocado, farm eggs, raw dairy, raw unheated nuts and seeds and their oils.

Watch for my videos coming that addresses why people die from COVID-19 and why they live.

If you would like a resource list of what products I approve and where to obtain these clean healthy foods and products, email me at

To schedule a private consultation, contact:

Kimberly Lynn Williams


Her book, "Raw To Radiant: the secret to a long life of radiant health" is available on Amazon or on her website.

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