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Mystery Illness in Children is NO MYSTERY

Updated: May 11, 2020

Pediatric Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome (PMSIS) presents as the inflammation of the coronary arteries and sometimes the heart, and is being called the “mystery illness” in children. “Their immune system is going into overdrive”, says Dr Jake Kleinmahone, pediatric cardiologist at Ochsner Hospital for Children in New Orleans, Louisiana.

But this illness is no mystery at all if you understand the cause of inflammation. When a part of the body is exposed to environmental toxins, trauma or deficiencies, healthy cells of that part of the body die, leaving what we call “cellular debris” or “cell corpses”, along with some residual toxins.

On a daily basis, our body uses some of the 10,000 different species, and 100 trillion microbes in the human body, including different forms of bacteria, to breakdown these dead cells and scar tissue and toxins into a tiny fraction of their size, so they can be removed from our body efficiently.

After the debris has been broken down, the T-cells (our immune system cells) move to the area to shut down the microbes because they have done their job and are not needed any longer.

Then, the body sends fluids to the area to flush out all of the cellular debris and residual toxins. This is inflammation. The more toxins that part of the body has been exposed to, the more dead cells the bacteria breaks down, the more debris there is to flush out so the more fluids it takes to do the job, which means more inflammation.

Less toxins = less dead cells = less debris to clean out = less T-cells needed = less inflammation

More toxins = more dead cells = more debris to clean out = more T-cells needed =more inflammation

Finally, the body moves this debris out any possible orifice that it can. It comes out the skin through sweat, we cough up mucus and phlegm, we get a runny nose and eyes, we get ear wax, we have diarrhea, sometimes we vomit. Everything that comes out of the body carries cellular debris and toxins out with it. This is exactly how it gets out of us.

If there is a large build-up of dead cells and toxins in the body that needs to be removed faster, the body can turn on a virus or use a virus that it is exposed to, to do the job faster. Viruses are so efficient at replicating themselves and breaking down toxicity and debris, it is like how dish soap or a solvent can breakdown oil. In this case, there can be a tremendous amount of debris that needs to be removed very quickly and if you take medications to stop the modes of detoxification…. Meds that stop diarrhea and vomiting and cough and sweating, the fluids cannot get out of the body fast enough. Doctors focus on trying to stop the inflammation which pushes the toxins back into the body. It’s not their fault as it’s what they are told to do.

The bigger problem is the cause of the accumulation of toxins and debris in the body. In the case of PMSIS, the coronary arteries get inflamed first because the arteries of todays’ children are so toxic from cooked hardened fats that have caused fatty build-ups. Take a look at any kid’s menu at nearly every restaurant and what do you see? Chicken strips, burgers, pizza, grilled cheese, French fries, or mac n’ cheese. All of these menu items are high in cooked fat. When fat is cooked, it produces lipid peroxides which are highly damaging to the body. The higher the temperatures and the longer the fats are cooked, the more damaging they are to the body. Cooking fats also change the chemical structure causing them to dry out and harden. This hardened fat stores in the arteries.

This stainless steel teapot sat on a back burner while eggs were fried in organic extra virgin olive oil. The cooked oil, splattered on the teapot and hardened. It would take a steel scrubber to get the cooked oil off this teapot. Raw unheated fats do the exact opposite.

It is not known if the Covid-19 virus is related to PMSIS or if it is another bacteria or virus that is breaking down the hardened plaque in the arteries of kids, but it is certainly possible that If a child is exposed to Covid-19 the virus could do its work in the coronary arteries as well as it is passing through the body in the bloodstream. Today, children as young as 4 years old show fatty plaque streaks in the arteries from cooked hardened fats.

Again…. It is NOT the bacteria and virus that is the cause of disease. They are actually like little super-heroes in our body trying to clean us out. It is the toxic person that is the disease. Man (as in human)….is the disease.

The solution:

First, if you are a parent, educate yourself about what you are allowing your children to eat. Cooked hardened fats cause plaque in the arteries of your children. That doesn’t mean put them on a low-fat diet. Fats are absolutely essential in our diet. They cleanse our body by grabbing toxins and holding them as they move out, they serve as fuel, and they lubricate the body. Unlike cooked fats that harden in the arteries, lymph, and nerve endings, raw unheated fats lubricate the arteries, lymph, nerve endings, and G.I. tract.

There are heated vegetable oils in nearly every single packaged food. Start reading labels, and understanding exactly what you are allowing to enter your child’s body. The rule of thumb is…..the closer a food is to its natural state, the healthier it is. This is even true with nuts and seeds. When most oils are extracted from nuts and seeds, they are done by either using a toxic solvent to remove the oil, or by a high temperature extraction. Both methods reach very high temperatures which cause lipid peroxides and change the chemistry of the oil hardening it.

Raw fats do not have lipid peroxides and do not harden in the body. They lubricate arteries and nerves and lymph, carry toxins out of the body and lubricate the body. Examples of raw fats include: raw unpasteurized dairy such as raw milk, raw butter, and raw cream, fresh raw coconut cream or truly unheated coconut oil, raw eggs, small batch unheated nut and seed oils such as olive oils made the old fashioned way through the granite press, or the way they are made by Andreas’s Oils. Avocados are also a good source of fresh raw fat. Eating raw unheated fats will help detoxify the body of the hardened cooked fats.

Exercise is also essential to helping prevent a build-up of fatty streaks in children. Getting the heart rate up and allowing the body to sweat out some of the toxins that are stored in the body are a great prevention. Doing mini-detoxes each day is the secret to preventing a build-up that causes bacterial or viral detoxifications.

The following detoxifies your body:

All raw unheated foods have a negative ionic charge to them. Toxins have a positive ionic charge to them. When you eat raw foods the negative ionic charge of that foods bonds with the positive ionic charge of the cooked foods. Anything unheated has a negative ionic charge including: raw unheated fats, raw vegetable juices, raw fruits, raw meats, raw dairy, raw eggs, raw coconut cream, etc. If you cannot eat your meat raw like sushi, carpaccio, steak tartare, or ceviche’, for example, eat it as rare as you can. Watch my video on cooked meats available on my website or my Youtube channel for more information on this subject.

Terramin Clay – has a negative ionic charge. When you consume some in your water or liquids that you are drinking, it binds with toxins as it passes through and out the body.

Exercise – Do what you can. Find an exercise that you enjoy and do it. Even a walk every day helps move debris out of your body.

Hot baths – Hot baths are wonderful for detoxifying your body through the skin. A hot bath each night is like doing a mini-fever detox.

*************** ******************* *****************

Start the mini-detoxes now...BEFORE a large detox is needed. Hot baths, Terramin clay, exercise and as much fresh food as possible. And by all means, raw unheated fats to help slowly breakdown the stored hardened plaque in the arteries.

For more information or to contact Kim for a consultation, you can reach her at

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