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Energy Medicine Is Changing The World

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy or PEMF Therapy is an FDA approved device that uses the natural healing energy of the earth to literally recharge your cells.

Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg noted that every single cell in our body has an electrical voltage to it. We know this to be true because quantum physics has proven that everything, when broken down to it smallest degree, is nothing more than energy. When the human cell is fully charged, that cell is healthy and as it gets depleted, cellular death begins to occur. The more cells die in one single organ or body part and that body part begins to deteriorate and eventually die. As that body part deteriorates, it ceases to function the way it is designed to function and a “disease” label is given to the body part.

What makes cell voltage diminish in the human body? Environmental toxins, processed foods, drugs (both street and prescription), deficiencies, lack of proper sleep, stress, and trauma. Yes, we have to try to live our lives trying to avoid these things, but unfortunately man has created a pretty toxic world so there is no escaping our exposure. Until we can clean up our world, we will continue to have disease. Bacteria and viruses are not the cause of disease…they are super-heroes in the world that are designed by nature to breakdown the dead cells and debris that we have created in our body that has been caused by the environmental toxins that we are exposed to.

PEMF therapy is an excellent way to counter the effects of cellular depletion and death which leads to cellular destruction and ultimately organ destruction.

The technology was created to regrow bone in NASA astronauts who returned from space with severe bone density loss. I know what your next question is…. “Why isn’t this used for the elderly who have bone density loss (Osteoporosis)…or in every person who is at risk of Osteoporosis to prevent it?” Excellent question.

The medical industry began using this technology 30 years ago to heal bone fractures and spinal fusions that would not heal, both usually due to underlying conditions that cause poor circulation such as in smokers and diabetics. The device was so successful it was granted FDA approval and is still being used for this indication today.

About 10 years ago, it was noticed that not only were bones healing, but patients who used it were also having other ailments in their body heal as well. This is because of the way it works.

In a nutshell, it does 2 things…

1. It brings oxygenated blood to the cells of the organ or body parts being treated, increasing the oxygen in the cells so they can survive.

2. It recharges the cells. The electromagnetic frequency envelopes the organ or body part recharging its cells.

When the cells of an organ get oxygenated and recharged, that organ can now operate at full capacity, doing the job it’s supposed to do. It is like having a battery-operated remote-control car running on brand new batteries vs trying to run it on batteries that are on the verge of complete energy depletion. The car is not going to go very fast.

We once thought you could not regrow cartilage in the knees or hips because the area was not highly vascular. We now know PEMF therapy can help the body do so. This is a patients knee with nearly bone on bone before treatment and with regrown cartilage afterPEMF treatment.

This technology can assist in nearly any ailment due to its mechanism of action.

Yes, it can ABSOLUTELY help both prevent and eliminate the symptoms of COVID-19. There is a very specific way it helps transport higher amounts of oxygen to the vital organs that need this oxygen for healing.

The device comes with a computer program that offers over 100 different treatment settings including:


Ankylosing Spondylitis





Cartilage Regrowth






Kidney Resonance

Liver Resonance






Spinal Stenosis

Stroke Recovery

Torn Muscles

Travel Recovery

Wound Healing

And more…

I had a client with a cerebral spinal fluid leak (CSF leak) in the thoracic spine area. After nearly 3 years of suffering from severe low-pressure headaches, she began using the device. Two weeks later, she went into a severe high-pressure headache because the Dural leak had closed up.

It helps prevent and reverse symptoms of COVID-19 by increasing the oxygen levels to the vital organs that need it so they can do their jobs. People who die of COVID die due to vital organ failure. This supports organ vitality.

Ask Questions Before Buying:

There are many PEMF devices on the market. When choosing the one that will be best for you, there are 2 numbers you need to understand. One is the healing frequency and the second is the power.

There are good healing EMF’s and bad harmful EMF’s. Cell phones for example, emit high level harmful EMF levels. In PEMF devices, the frequency is measured in Hertz. Frequencies that are healing and the most beneficial for the human body are the ones that are the same as the earth’s natural magnetic field which is between 1 – 50 Hertz. We know these frequencies to be natural, healing, and safe.

The second number that is important when choosing a PEMF device is the power of penetration. This is the level of power that sends the healing frequency into your body. Some devices only have the power to send the frequency a centimeter or two into your skin. This will certainly treat your blood which circulates around your body about once every minute, but the frequency is not going to recharge the cells of your vital organs because it cannot reach them.

The Curatronic PEMF devices have BOTH the safe healing frequency of 1 – 50 Hertz AND…the power of penetration to push this healing frequency deep into the body to recharge every cell of every organ deep within. It can even penetrate bone to reach the brain to treat people with Alzheimer’s, depression, or concussions.

For more information on PEMF technology and how it may help you, contact Jonathan Bowen at 226-802-0357, and the website

Kimberly Lynn Williams is a medical researcher, health consultant and author of the book, Raw To Radiant.

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