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All of This Cleaning is Making us Sick: Why Covid-19 Numbers are Increasing

Viruses like Covid-19 thrive in “anaerobic conditions”. Anaerobic means “without oxygen”. How are anaerobic conditions created in the body? Poisons. Environmental poisons that we are exposed to throughout the day and night destroy healthy cells leaving cellular debris. The accumulation of this cellular debris (dead cells) and the poisons in our body = anaerobic conditions.

Our body uses microbes, bacteria and viruses to breakdown these conditions inside of us so fluids can move to the area and flush them out. Everything that comes out of every possible orifice of our body carries not only the fluids, but the cellular debris and toxins with it. How do you think toxins and debris get out of us? We experience mucus, phlegm, diarrhea, vomit sweat from fever, nasal discharge, eye discharge, cough, vaginal discharge, etc. THIS IS GOOD!!!! Your body is cleansing itself.

All of this cleaning we are doing with these harsh chemicals is creating MORE debris and dead cells and toxins in our body….more anaerobic conditions for bacteria and virus to thrive. Is there really any wonder why the Covid-19 numbers are climbing? More people indoors as the weather gets cooler which means more closed windows, and more people breathing in the toxic cleaning chemicals they are using in their home, along with the chemical air fresheners, laundry detergents, cosmetic and personal care products, as well as the off-gassing of furniture and plastics in the home. Cooler weather means closed doors and windows, sealing all of these toxins inside for you and your family to breathe. You are creating the perfect conditions for bacteria and viruses to thrive!

In addition, all of this mask-wearing and social distancing is preventing us from coming in contact with microbes in the air and in the world around us that provide mini-detoxes. Yes, the flu numbers are down, but the flu is necessary to clean us out. If we do not allow these natural cleansings to happen, these poisons get trapped inside of us and our body creates cocoons around them which we call tumors. The increase in cancer and other chronic illnesses and auto-immune diseases are directly associated with the increase of vaccinations and medications that stop these natural cleanses.

I am fortunate that I understand ways to assist my body in detoxing on a daily basis so that if I do not go through a bacterial or viral detoxification, at least I am doing daily mini-detoxes. If you don’t want dementia, cancer, and other chronic illnesses, you need to understand this too.

Here are some things you can do to clean these poisonous chemicals and dead cells out of your body.

· Terramin Clay – This is a very special 13-million year-old clay that when you look at it under a microscope, looks like a sponge. It has a negative ionic charge to it. As it passes through your body, it draws toxins into the pores like a sponge would soak up grape juice. It holds poisons there and carries them out of your body through your bowels. It also alkalizes your blood and because it is a form of minerals, can deposit needed minerals in your body as it travels through. It comes in powder form and tablet form and is available on Amazon.

· Sweat – Our body creates a fever so we will sweat. Sweating helps to flush toxins and debris out our skin as a cleansing mechanism. A study published in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health and reported by the National Institute of Health, proved that more heavy metals can be removed from the body through sweat than our kidneys can through urine. The study showed up to 10 times more. Go in a sauna, steam room, hot tub, hot bath, do hot yoga, work-out, have sex. Find a way to sweat. Create the fever so your body does not have to do it. If you choose a bath and you do not have a purification system on your house water, put some Terramin clay in the bath water. This will absorb some of the chemicals in the water so they do not absorb into your skin. It will also absorb some of the toxins that are released from your body. Sweat!

· Raw Foods – Any food that has not had any heat applied to it at all has a negative ionic charge to it. Toxins have a positive ionic charge. As you consume the raw foods and they pass through your body and out your bowels, positive and negative attract pulling the toxins out with it. In addition, we also know that toxins store in fat. As you eat raw unheated fats, these fats grab toxins holding them inside the fat kind of like a little pac-man and safely carries them out of you. Raw foods also have very high nutrient value so as they detox the body, they also nourish the body at the same time. When I say raw food, that means ANY food that has not had any heat applied to it including….

Meat, Dairy, Plants, and Honey.

Turn off the chemical faucet in your home and stop using harsh chemicals unless necessary. Take a little bit of time to do the research as there are so many healthier options on the market today.

There is a great book by Debra Lynn Dadd called “Home Safe Home”. I interviewed Debra several years ago about how this book came to be due to her having chronic illnesses for many years before she realized that her body had been poisoned from the chemical exposure in her own home. In this book, she details the vast amount of toxins that most of us are unknowingly exposed to in our homes and in our day to day life. Poisons such as formaldehyde, bleach, and artificial fragrance in our toilet paper that can cause genital itching, and genital herpes. Or how many talcum powders contain carcinogenic asbestos fibers that are breathed into your lungs causing respiratory illness. She also provides heathy alternative solutions.

Superbugs like antibiotic resistant bacteria and Covid-19 are not the problem. The poisons created by humans are the problem. We have an incredible opportunity to wake up and make changes in our world at every level. There is only one way to stop Covid-19 and it is not wearing a mask, or socially distancing ourselves. The only way to stop the virus is to clean up our world. A healthy world means healthy humans where the virus will no longer be needed.

Is there any reason YOU cannot make changes in your life to reduce the poisons in our world and help us eliminate the necessity of this virus? That’s what I thought. 

Kimberly Lynn Williams is a medical researcher and health consultant. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Kim through her website or directly through text only at 424-335-9335.

Reference study on how sweat removes heavy metals:

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