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How To Avoid Being A Covid Statistic

It is no coincidence that the Covid-19 numbers are increasing. We are doing it to ourselves and blaming a virus.

Viruses thrive on dead cells and debris in our body. All of the toxic cleansers and sanitizers we are using (not to mention the unhealthy comfort foods we are eating), are poisoning our bodies creating more dead cells. The more dead cells and debris we create in our body, we increase conditions for the virus to THRIVE! As conditions increase numbers rise.



It really is that simple. Eat healthy food, exercise, do things that make you happy, have a positive attitude, use natural cleaning products, and detox your home of vapors and poisons that off-gas destroying healthy cells in the body. Do these things and you create conditions in your body where the virus is not needed. Eat processed and crappy food, don’t move your body, use toxic chemical-based cleansers and sanitizers, use toxic chemical-based air sprays, use chemical based perfumes, and you are setting yourself up for the Covid-19 virus to THRIVE.


Here are two books by author Debra Lynn Dadd that I love. They will help you understand that YOU are causing your own illnesses and they give alternative healthy choices to the toxins you are currently using in your home that are poisoning your family. Debra was diagnosed with multiple ailments. Turned out it was her environment that was poisoning her.

"Toxic Free"

"Home Safe Home"

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