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Sometimes We Have To Try On Many Hats To See Which One Fits Best

We often get so fixated as to what is “right” and what is “wrong” from cultural or religious dogma that many of us live lives of unhappiness without really connecting to who we are and what our soul needs. Sometimes we have to try on many hats in our lifetime to see which one fits us the best. This can go for almost anything in life from the way we dress, to activities that we do, to our work/career, to whether we get married or live a life of being single, whether we choose a mate for life or many in our lifetime, what type of community we enjoy living in, whether we are social butterflies or more private, the type of music we enjoy, where we choose to live in the world, etc. So many people grow up with the beliefs of their immediate family or friends around them and are told that they should do this or should do that or that to be “good” they must only xyz. Some people think they want something because it was programmed into their belief as a child or by the people around them that they were hanging out with when they grew up and then when they try it out, they don’t understand why they are not happy. So much of this is hogwash. What is right for YOU is what is right for YOU.

A perfect example is marriage. There are some people who get married because they believe they have to because of familial or cultural norms they grew up with and then when they do, they realize it just is not for them. Others are afraid to get married because of what they have seen happen in their family so they shy away from it but in their soul it is the right thing for them. Fear drives so many decisions we make today. Fear of not doing what the family says to do…. Or, fear to do what a family did because one might turn out like them.

When a choice is to be made, connect with YOUR soul. Sit quietly and ask if this is right for YOU. Not what you are obligated to do, not what you are supposed to do, not what someone else wants you to do, but what is right for YOU. Sometimes we think it’s right and we have to try it out to see if its right for us or not. The most important thing is to be honest. If there is another person involved in the decision, open honest communication is the only way. Talk it out before trying it out. Then talk it out while trying it out.

Most of life is not as black and white as most people make it out to be. There is one spiritual law that we are all bound by that is the only black and white law that we must all follow, and then the rest of life is various shades of grey of our choosing. That spiritual law is the law of love. Love for ourselves first, love for our family and friends, love for our community, our country, our world and the Universe. The law of love looks a lot like this…. Love and care for your physical body, practice mindfulness, learn something new every day, be happy, be kind, speak from a place of kindness and positivity, think before you react, and be emotionally grounded. Every choice you make in life is based on helping you achieve a state of health and happiness. Some people know exactly who they are, and others need to try on different hats in different lands with different people to find out who they are. Find out who you are by living and trying new things and let others be who they are. Practice acceptance of self and others.

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