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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Correct the condition of your body and mind…and you stop the virus in its tracks

You want to know why Covid-19 numbers are rising? It has nothing to do with the spread of the virus as we have been told and everything to do with how we have increased the level of poisons in our body since its emergence, increasing the toxic conditions for the virus to THRIVE. In other words, we are poisoning ourselves and blaming a virus.

Understanding Disease

A little over 150 years ago two theories emerged about disease…one was the “Germ Theory” of Pasteur which said that “germs” get inside our body and cause destruction leading to illness. If you kill the germ you stop the illness. The second theory was the “Terrain Theory” of Beauchamp which said that it is the “condition of the body” which causes disease. Make the conditions healthier and you stop the disease. Because the human mind is poisoned with the idea that one way is the only way, we chose the germ theory to trump all others and the pharmaceutical industry flourished so one could take a pill and stop the symptoms. We found that pharmaceuticals are excellent for instant gratification, that is stopping the symptoms in the moment, but it does not address the CAUSE of the symptoms in the first place. You did not get a headache because you were deficient in ibuprofen. Maybe you breathed in a chemical synthetic fragrances and lead that was being released from the wick of the candle that is being burned in your house.

The first step to stopping Covid-19 is to stop trusting so much without doing your own homework. There is a huge missing piece to the health crisis in our world that the vast majority of people have never learned. Bacteria and viruses do not cause disease. This is so important to understand I am going to repeat myself again…. Bacteria and Viruses DO NOT CAUSE disease. The choices you make in your life, or have inherited, or learned from your family and circle of friends, create conditions in your body for bacteria and viruses to thrive. Correct the conditions and you stop the illness. It is that simple.


Cliff Notes To Health

Every piece of fruit is made up of cells. When you pick a piece of fruit off a tree, that fruit is no longer being fed nutrients from the roots, trunk, branches or stems, so over time each cell dies one by one. When the cells die, microbes which we call bacteria, viruses and mold grow on the dead cells to break them down. This is the natural process of decomposition.

When a human body dies, it too decomposes. This exact same process happens in our body cell by cell. When each cell dies, it decomposes. When you expose your body to some sort of environmental poison, that poison or toxin does damage to healthy cells somewhere in your body, killing many of them. This leaves what we call “cellular debris” or dead cells in the body, along with the poisons that did the damage to the cells in the first place. Have you ever sucked helium from a balloon or had too much to drink or smelled a strong cleaning agent and said, “I wonder how many brain cells I just killed.” That is exactly what is happening in our body 24/7/365 as we are all exposed to a vast number of poisons on a continual basis…some more than others. THE PURPOSE OF BACTERIA AND VIRUSES IN OUR BODY IS TO DECOMPOSE THE CELLS YOU JUST KILLED. Then fluids move to the area to flush them out. The “symptoms” you experience are the decomposed cells, the poisons that killed the cells, and the fluids carrying all this debris out of your body.

Bacteria and viruses are not there to destroy us, they are there to clean us out. The level of poisons and debris in your body determines what happens to you. If you have a tremendous amount of poisons and cellular debris in your body, you are going to experience a tremendous amount of symptoms. This has been proven at top medical institutions around the world such as Harvard Medical School, Yale University, Mayo Clinic, MIT, Albany Medical Center and others. The cold and flu viruses, the herpes virus, salmonella bacteria, E-coli bacteria, the chickenpox virus, the measles virus have all been injected into cancerous tumors (which are simply put…an accumulation of toxins and dead cells) and the tumors disappear while the bacteria and viruses do not touch one healthy cell around the tumors. When their work is done, they turn off. This is why some people have more symptoms than others. Some people have more debris and poisons in their body than others for the virus to go to work on.

Why are Covid-19 numbers increasing?

Covid-19 numbers are increasing because the poisoning is increasing. We are poisoning our body with the increase of toxic chemical cleaners and toxic air fresheners we are using in our homes like bleach and other chemicals. We are poisoning our body with the increase of toxic comfort foods that we eat during these times of stress. We are poisoning our body with the stressors of worry and anxiety because we don’t know when we will be able to go back to work so we can support ourselves and our families. We are poisoning ourselves because we cannot do the things we love that have been proven to increase our health and wellness like go to concerts and movies and shopping and the theater and to casinos and on vacations, etc. We are poisoning our body even more by not allowing people to LIVE in the world and enjoy the activities that make them happy and increase the joy in their lives increasing their health and wellness.

The current "regulations" around Covid helps protect the sick, and at the same time damaging the healthy. The healthy people who would have initially not been impacted by Covid-19 now have an increased level of toxins in their body, making them more susceptible to the virus, thus numbers increase.

How To Stop Covid-19

People have asked me if I believe this virus was man-made. It was man-made alright. Every single huMAN on this planet contributed to the emergence of Covid-19. Stop blaming a virus and start taking personal responsibility for your health and wellness, and the health and wellness of our world. Covid-19 is not killing us. We are killing ourselves. The only way to stop Covid-19 and other emerging viruses is to wake-up, take responsibility, and clean up our world at every level beginning with YOU. You are the reason Covid-19 numbers are rising.

Every time you choose to put that processed food in your mouth and swallow it, or choose to give your children red dye and blue dye and orange dye in the food you feed them because its “cute”, or take a puff on your cigarette or vaping pipe, or spray air fresheners made of chemicals to make your room “smell good”, or light a candle that is made of artificial chemicals, or eat food that is laden with hormones and artificial vitamins and pesticides and herbicides, or buy furniture sprayed with formaldehyde and fire retardants, or drink the tap water with lead and chlorine in it, or swim in chlorinated water, or put silver mercury fillings in your child’s mouth, or overcook your food, or eat processed sugar, or breathe in polluted air, or dump poisons in the ocean, or color your hair, or put on artificial nails, or use chemical lotions and make-up, etc ….YOU ARE POISONING YOURSELF AND CONTRIBUTING TO THE COVID-19 VIRUS THRIVING in our world. I am not saying you cannot enjoy some of the poisons in the world, but “pick your poisons” and change what you can. Most people have no idea the level of poisons they are exposing themselves to.


Preventing the virus from doing its job with isolation, vaccinations, and the increased poisoning of our body with chemical cleaners has now created stronger mutations of the virus. Nature is extremely intelligent. It is saying….”Ok, I tried this virus and that bacteria and none of them worked so I will create this super-bug called Covid-19 to clean people out. Wait…what is happening? Now they are not letting me clean them out with Covid-19 so I have to create an even stronger one so I will mutate this one to be even stronger”. And this is what we are seeing today.

The Solution

The only solution is for each of us to look at ourselves and see where we are poisoning ourselves and the world and then clean it up. Every single person on this planet has contributed to the emergence of the Covid-19 virus and we all have to do our part to change that. Time for a “clean up” to happen world wide. It is the only way to stop these super-bugs from emerging. Clean up your body and there will be no need for a superbug to clean up the mess for you.

Your Choices Today:

1. Wear a mask, sanitize always, and vaccinate. If this is your choice you are preventing all microbes from coming in contact with your body and the vaccination is preventing your body from its natural housekeeping. If you choose this method, you must understand that natural microbes will not be cleaning out the dead cells and debris that they are designed to do. You must find other ways of doing this so you do not create a “boy in the bubble” syndrome. On the other hand, there are people in the world who have a body that is so toxic and have such a poor diet, that contracting the disease would put them through a detox so great that their body could not rebuild new healthy cells fast enough for them to survive. In these people, this choice may be the best for them as long as they are finding other ways to clean out their body from all the debris that is stored there. Otherwise they will be making their body sicker in the long run. There are many ways of doing this. I can forward you information on this if you contact me directly.

2. Wear a mask only when exposed to environmental chemicals. In this case you would allow yourself to be exposed to the natural microbes in the world so your body can do its job of keeping your body clean. However, you would wear a mask to prevent toxic particles and toxic fumes from entering your body, stopping the cellular damage from happening in the first place. This is a viable option for the world we live in today if or until we are able to get our environment cleaned up. Making sure the mask you choose is appropriate for the type of poisons you are exposed to. There are different filters for particles vs vapors.

3. Do not wear a mask. You are allowing your body to be exposed to all of the billions of natural microbes that nature has created to help strengthen your immune system, detox your body, and keep you healthy and strong. You are also exposing yourself to the poisons in our world that cause disease in the first place such as chemical vapors and poisonous particles.

4. Combination of any of these: Most people will pick and choose if and or when they want to vaccinate, if and or when they want to wear a mask or not, if and or when they want to sanitize. For example, I am not a clean freak because I understand the purpose of microbes and I intentionally allow myself to be exposed to them. However, when I was in Disneyworld with my daughter when she was young, we washed our hands and put tissue on the toilet because I did not want to deal with a big detox during our vacation.

You have a CHOICE, but you have to understand the entire picture of what is happening in your body so you can make an informed decision. You have not been given all of the pieces of the puzzle.

Your Legal Rights

What is happening in the United States right now is absolutely illegal according to the freedoms that our country is built on. In the United States of America, we have the right to “LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”according to our declaration of independence.

In the 1st Amendment:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;”

Different religions have different beliefs. Some believe in natural ways of living and others allow the freedoms to CHOOSE if a person wants to use pharmaceuticals or natural means to heal their body. Repressing these freedoms violates the first amendment of freedom to practice ones religion of choice. Forcing a face covering to be worn disallows a person to use the natural microbes in the world to promote health and wellness the way we were originally designed by God, and practiced by many religions.

In the 5th Amendment:

“No person shall be….deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process”

If your health, and thus your life is dependent on your business being opened or closed, this is YOUR CHOICE, if you want to wear a mask or not wear a mask for health reasons for your life, it is YOUR CHOICE. If you work outside the home or work from home to keep your mental and physical health strong, it is YOUR CHOICE. If you go to a concert or watch the concert from your television, it is YOUR CHOICE. If you want to go sit in a crowded restaurant or order your food to be delivered to your home, it is YOUR CHOICE. Everyone has a different recipe of what makes them happy and healthy. Happiness is scientifically proven to increase health and thus increase ones life. “No person shall be deprived of life.”

In the 14th Amendment:

No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge (reduce or omit) the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

No state shall omit our right to choose for us the way each of us want to protect ourselves from this virus or any other virus. It may not deprive us of our health and life. Isolation is creating the “boy in a bubble” syndrome for many people not allowing them to live freely amongst the billions of natural bacteria and viruses in the world that keep us alive, strengthening our immune systems and cleaning us out. Isolation and mask wearing is weakening the healthy thus increasing the numbers. The long-term effects of this practice will show increased cancer, and other chronic illnesses. The illegal force of social isolation and mask wearing is literally killing us, especially the healthy. Likewise, if one is unhealthy and/or at risk for a detoxification from this virus that could kill them, they too have the right to wear a mask, isolate in their homes, and vaccinate themselves if they so choose.

It is time to get our country and our world living again. Open the doors to Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Theaters, Sports Centers, The Travel Industry, Entertainment Venues, Etc. To live…. people need to live. Healthy food, good sleep, exercise, a healthy mind, a positive attitude, purposeful work, clear and positive communication, and a free spirit is the secret to health and wellness. We are all free to live… so live. Be cautious of others in the world who may try to suppress your freedoms. Don’t let them do so and be especially aware to not let them pull you down to a place of darkness…anger…rage…and negativity. Stay in the light, use positive truthful and powerful words. Allowing them to create poisoned emotions and words and expressions only creates more poisons in your body for the virus to thrive.



Here is a video that shows how poisons and deficiencies are the cause of disease, not viruses.

For more information about living a healthy and happy life, go to

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