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Understanding Cancer: The Cause…The Prevention…and How to Get It Out of Your Body If You Have It

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

First let’s understand what cancer is and how it develops in the body in the first place. All cancer, as is all disease, occurs from two things… environmental poisons that have impacted the body, and deficiencies.

When poisons enter our body, they travel throughout damaging or destroying healthy cells. As this happens you are left with not only the toxin, but the damaged or dead cells which we call cellular debris and cell corpses. Our body not only perceives the poisons as toxins, but it also perceives these dead cells as a toxins. The body is naturally designed to flush out anything it sees as a toxin, so it brings fluids to the area creating what we call “inflammation”, to flush them out. If there are too many toxins or dead cells, the body sends microbes to the area to breakdown these dead cells and poisons first, reducing them in size and then flushing them out.

Toxins and dead cells come out of the body the most efficient way possible. Everything that comes out of the body has the potential to carry toxins out with it. This includes diarrhea, vomit, sweat, nasal discharge, vaginal secretions, semen, ear wax, tears, phlegm, skin rashes, skin pustules, etc. However, we have been programmed that when these things happen, they are “symptoms” of an “infection” such as a bacterial or viral infection, and that we should stop these symptoms from happening with medications.

Yes, bacteria and viruses play a role, they were “turned on” in the body to breakdown the poisons and cellular debris. That is why when tested, one will test positive for a specific bacteria or virus. They are doing their job. However, stopping these so-called “symptoms” stops the natural detoxification from happening, pushing the toxins back in the body, and adding additional pharmaceutical residues.

Since the late 1800's doctors have reported the regression or remission of cancerous tumors after a viral infection.

Our body keeps trying to rid itself from poisons over and over and over. That is why people get infections over and over and over. They are not allowing these natural detoxifications to happen so the area of the body will never get better. In some people, the body says… “OK, I have tried this bacteria and this virus, and it is not working, so I am going to create a “SUPERBUG”. This is where anti-biotic resistant bacteria come into play. The body is trying to save your life. But we keep taking anti-biotics and medications to stop it.

This is how cancer happens. When we have so many poisons in the body that are not coming out, our body tries to encapsulate these toxins and dead cells, trying to protect itself from them. If you have ever seen a breast implant explant, you will see the thick layer that has built up around the implant. This is how our body protects us from toxins, to create these capsules around the toxins. This is what tumors are. Small capsules that have been created around dead cells and toxins because the body cannot get them out.

The CURE to cancer is in the prevention of it in the first place. Allowing these natural detoxifications to happen helps detox the poisons. You can also assist the body in the removal of poisons by incorporating natural chelating agents. All raw foods are natural chelating agents. All toxins have a positive ionic charge to them. All raw foods have a negative ionic charge to them. Positive and negative attract, so when you eat anything raw and unheated, the negative ionic charge of the food binds with the positive ionic charge of the toxin to pull it out of the body. When I say raw food, I am NOT talking about a diet of salads, nuts and seeds. I am talking about fresh raw unpasteurized dairy, fresh meats (think sushi, carpaccio, ceviche’, kibbe, or very rare meats), fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and their fresh pressed juices, as well as raw unheated nuts and seeds and their oils.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, and have been offered chemotherapy, no matter what your decision, you can incorporate raw foods as a natural chelation therapy whether you choose chemo or not. Chemo works by destroying the cancerous tumors, along with healthy cells in the body. This leaves the cancerous debris and chemo medication in the body. I am sure you can see where I am going with this. Toxins and cellular debris get stuck in the body causing cancer so if you don’t get this out of your body, you increase your chances of getting cancer again.

Since chemo destroys healthy cells along with the cancerous cells, it is essential that you move the medications out of the body along with the cancerous debris that is left in the body from the chemo. Health is about continually detoxing and rebuilding. Raw foods are an excellent way to naturally cleanse the body, and at the same time, when eating raw protein, you are also rebuilding new healthy cells.

If… you are someone who is refusing chemotherapy, remember that bacteria and viruses breakdown toxins, including tumors (see links from major medical institutions below). First, allow yourself to go through natural bacterial and viral detoxes if you can tolerate them. Physicians have reported tumors shrinking after these “illnesses”. A proper raw diet contains natural bacteria that also work on breaking down the tumors. The most important parts of the diet are healthy raw fat (raw eggs, raw unpasteurized dairy, fresh raw coconut cream, avocado and truly unheated nut and seed oils), raw protein (raw meats such as sushi, carpaccio, ceviche, kibbe, tuna tartare, steak tartare, etc), raw veggie juices, and raw unheated honey.

Eating a raw milkshake every day made of fresh raw farm eggs, fresh unpasteurized milk and cream, raw unheated honey and the flavor of your choice is an excellent meal to detoxify the body, whether you are detoxing the tumor, or detoxing the chemo drugs and broken-down tumor debris.

NOTE: Popular flavors include: Strawberry-Banana, Chocolate (made with raw cacao), Orange, and Strawberry-Pineapple.


Toxins enter the body, our body sends microbes such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and molds to the area to breakdown the toxin and the dead cells that were created by the toxin. Then, the body flushes it out by increasing fluids to the area (inflammation) and it moves the toxins and dead cells out the most efficient way possible. We take medications to stop the natural detox, thus pushing the poisons back in the body to restore. The medical community is working with ways to put bacteria into the body to attack the cancerous tumors, but nature has already designed a way for this to happen naturally with natural bacteria in food and with natural bacterial and viral detoxes.

You can read more about this in the book, “Raw To Radiant: the secrets to a long life of radiant health”, by Kimberly Lynn Williams available on

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