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Mental Illness Begins In The Brain

There is no question that we are all a product of our environment and some amount of our mental health or mental illness is learned behavior from our family and others that we associate with, which impacts our thinking, emotions, and behavior. But there is one other important factor that plays an essential role in our health and wellness, including our mental health.

All disease is caused by two things…. Toxins and Deficiencies. When poisons that we are exposed to enter the body, they destroy healthy cells leaving cell corpses, debris, and the toxins themselves in the body to clog it up. When this happens in the brain, we have all of this debris preventing the proper neurological connections from happening. This can lead to over emotionality, poor decision making and lack of impulse control, ADD, dementia, depression, Autism, and a multitude of mental disorders.

The human being is a compound of mind, body, and spirit. It is, of course, essential to shift one’s mental thinking but if the physical brain is not addressed and quite literally cleaned out as well, lasting change is not going to happen. If you want true mental health, you must continually be cleaning out the debris and rebuilding new brain cells. There was once a time when we believed that brain cells could not be regrown. We now know that this is not true and that anything in the body can regrow if given the right ingredients and environment.

Contrary to popular belief, all diseases can be reversed. We already have a cure for …. well, you name it. The secret is to detox the dead cells, debris, and poisons, and rebuild with new healthy cells. Over time, the health of this area of the body is regained.

Detox – Rebuild – Repeat.

If you are suffering from a health condition and would like more information on the detoxification and rebuilding process, contact Kimberly Williams at 424-335-9335 or She is available for both private consultations and group talks. Her book “Raw To Radiant: the secrets to a long life of radiant health” is also available on

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