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Weight Loss Secret for 2020

It’s a new year and many people have the New Years Resolution to drop the pounds. I’m going to show you one of the big reasons why you are holding the weight on your body and how one trick can help you lose it. You can even eat desserts such as “ice cream” and still lose weight with this one trick.

Environmental toxins contribute to a tremendous amount of weight gain. That is because when a toxin enters your body, it is seen as a foreign invader that it must get rid of. Your body sends fluids to the area to surround the invader and flush it out, protecting you from its potential damage.

The problem is that we have created such a toxic world, our bodies are exposed to more poisons on a daily basis than it can remove so these poisons have to go somewhere. If there are fat reserves on your body, it will try to move them to this area for protection. Doctors have known that toxins store in fat for decades. It’s kind of like how we put “the bad guys” in prison so they don’t harm others…. The same thing happens here…. Your body puts the poison in an isolation chamber (the fat) so it does not harm the vital organs doing good work. When the toxin goes to the fat cell, fluids are sent to the area as well for extra protection. This retained fluid adds weight.

Some people, either by genetics or by choice, do not have large amounts of body fat for the toxins to store in, so excess poisons that cannot or are not being removed from the body store in joints, organs, or various parts of your body. When this happens, your body does not have the fat for protection so it’s only resource is fluids. It sends fluids to the area to surround the toxin. Excess fluids in an area are what we know as “inflammation”. People blame inflammation for disease, but it is not the inflammation causing the problem, it is the toxins in your body causing the inflammation.

What’s the solution?

Detoxification of the poisons from your body will not only reduce the toxins that can reap havoc on your body but will also reduce the protective water barrier reducing your total weight. In addition, burning the fat off through exercise and sweating will also release these poisons from the fat storage to be removed from your body.

Now remember….. your body is going to be already naturally removing the toxins you are exposed to on a daily basis, and now it will need to be removing the additional ones you are releasing from the fat cells. We already know these poisons were put into the fat the first time because our body could not get rid of the volume we are exposed to daily. For this reason, you are going to have to help your body rid itself of the garbage that is trying to get out. You have to help your body DETOX.

If you would like more information on how to detoxify the poisons from your body to lose weight and gain more energy and health, contact Kimberly Williams at 424-335-9335 or She is available for both private consultations and group talks. Her book “Raw To Radiant: the secrets to a long life of radiant health” is also available on

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