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Toxins: The Cause of Disease, Chronic Illness and Pain

Man has been searching for the panacea…the cure…the magic pill to health, longevity, and life for at least as long as modern civilization has existed. We have traveled the world, climbed mountains, sat under trees, searched the seas, mixed solutions in test tubes, popped pills, developed machines, prayed to our God’s, and still we suffer more ailments, pain, and chronic illnesses than ever before in history. If you truly take the time to understand this basic concept, I believe you will hold the key to your own personal panacea.

Erin Brockovich, Dr. Mona Hana-Attisha, and countless others have brought to our attention the connection between environmental poisons in water and ill health. In fact, it has been proven over and over again that a toxic environment is the leading cause of nearly all disease, chronic illness, and pain one experiences, and yet never have I heard the medical community speak out on how to detoxify the body of poisons to improve one’s health, even though this is the answer to reversing nearly all disease.

Nearly every ailment, disease, and chronic condition is caused by either toxicity or a deficiency and is usually a combination of both. Toxicity is the overabundance of something (usually damaging) such as how lead or other chemicals in our public drinking water can damage our brain and physical body. A deficiency is what is lacking or missing. For example, a deficiency in calcium can cause bone disorders. What happens is that chemicals that we are continually exposed to throughout our day travel through our bloodstream and through our body, and on their journey, they destroy healthy cells that they come in contact with. Eventually, when enough cells from a particular organ, gland, body part or tissue are damaged, that part of the body ceases to function properly, and a medical name is given and one is labeled as having a “disease”. This part of the body is no longer functioning properly due to poisons that are impacting an area or due to dead cells of that area that were killed off by the poisons. Sometimes poisons damage the DNA in an individual “permanently” weakening an area of the body and then that damaged DNA is passed on to offspring.

The secret to living a long life of health and wellness is to live a life of consistent detoxification of the poisons one is exposed to, while simultaneously rebuilding new healthy cells.

The human body is naturally designed to move toxins that we have been exposed to out through the kidneys, feces, and through sweat. That worked well in the earlier time of man when we lived in nature and the toxins were from fire ash or the naturally occurring dying-off of cells in the body from environmental stress, but the world we live in today is exponentially more toxic and because of this we are exposed to significantly more poisons than our body can naturally remove as most of us are exposed to them nearly every minute of every day. When we have a build-up of toxins or dead cells that need to come out, our body goes into a natural “detox” mode using natures reducing agents called bacteria, viruses, parasites and molds. Known today as “germs” or “pathogens”, these agents were designed by nature to breakdown debris in the body so it can be efficiently removed. Bacteria and parasites can consume and breakdown large amounts of dead degenerative debris from cell death, and viruses are extremely efficient at dissolving this debris. When the body is ready to cleanse, it finds the easiest way to do so. Anything that comes out of the body has the opportunity to carry poisons and debris out with it. When this detox process happens, we call it “symptoms”.

Everything that is excreted from our body has the potential of carrying toxins out with it. Fecal matter, sweat, saliva, breath, mucus, ear wax, nasal discharge, tears, vaginal discharge, skin eruptions, and vomit are all modes of transportation for toxins out of the body. We know this because major medical institutions around the world have injected e-coli, salmonella, the common cold virus, the herpes virus, the pox virus and others into cancerous tumors shrinking or eliminating them and not harming any healthy cells around the tumors. During the process patients developed symptoms such as fever, nausea, diarrhea, and rashes. This is the debris moving out.

Unfortunately, when we get these “symptoms”, most of us usually do whatever we can to stop them with medications. Not allowing this natural detoxification process to happen, pushes the poisons and dead cells back into the body to restore somewhere, plus the medications can leave additional residual toxins in the body. To prevent big bacterial and viral detoxes from happening, we can assist the body in doing daily little mini-detoxes that gradually remove poisons slowly without having what we know as major “symptoms of illness”. One way we can assist in this daily detoxification process is with food. Every piece of food we put into our body is either adding to the toxicity buildup or removing toxins. You are creating your own health or illness through your own choices.

When anything is coming out of you, be happy. Your body is doing what it is supposed to do…detoxing! It is eliminating what is not supposed to be there to support you in living a long life of health and wellness.

In my next post, I will speak about the foods one can eat that bind with poisons, pull them out of the body, and rebuild new healthy cells. Following that post, will be a post about the different classifications of environmental toxins.

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