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Toxicity & Deficiencies: The Cause Of Every Problem On Earth…From Covid-19 To Riots In The Streets

No matter what the problem here on earth, from Covid-19 to riots in the streets, all can be traced back to toxicity and deficiencies as their root cause. Every health pandemic that has ever occurred happened because the physical body was poisoned, and bacteria and/or viruses had to be sent in to do their clean-up work of detoxifying the physical body. As I have mentioned in past articles, the black plague was called the “black” plague because black was oozing out of the skin. That black ooze was the coal that was breathed in when they burned it inside their homes for heat. This poisoned their body, then the body used the Yersinia Pestis bacteria to reduce these poisons and dead cells in their body to a fraction of its original size so it could be eliminated from the body efficiently… to save its life. Unfortunately, a deficiency in nutrients prevented the rebuilding of new healthy cells to replace the ones that had been destroyed from the poisons and many people died.

If you look at the photos of Wuhan, China you will see the same cause of the Covid-19 virus. Toxic air, polluted with chemicals and poisons that, like the black plague, poisoned their lungs, and the corona virus was used by the body to detoxify it. Anyone who had severe symptoms from Covid- 19 were symptomatic due to toxicity of their body. The level of toxicity = the severity of symptoms.

Toxicity and deficiencies are also at the root cause of the riots that have been happening the past week. The toxic mind of the human being caused toxic reactivity, and that reactivity became contagious. For example, if you have a police officer who is raised in a home where there is prejudice against blacks and their mind is filled with anti-black poisons and lack of empathy, these mind poisons and deficiencies in empathy could cause one to go into toxic reactions such as keeping their knee on the neck of the individual until death. Fire breeds fire. The toxic reaction of the police officer using unwarranted force and causing death then spreads to onlookers who empathize with the man who was killed, causing their mind to go into toxic reactivity leading to toxic reactions of vandalism and looting. Of course we also have the mind of the other police officers who allowed the neck pinning to happen. Their own mind fear poisons prevented them from speaking up and stopping the neck pinning from continuing. Let’s not blame just the police officers involved. The mind of George Floyd was also deficient leading to his own demise. His toxic beliefs that he had to drink alcohol to counter the stress in his life, and pass counterfeit bills to survive, and his own lack of knowledge on how to appropriately handle the stresses in his life were also the cause of his own death as the police officers would not have been called in the first place. If the minds of any one of these individuals in the picture were healthy, George Floyd would not have died.

A toxic and deficient physical body and mind are the cause of every problem on this planet.

We also know about our body-mind connections. If your physical body is poisoned, you don’t feel well, and it poisons your mind causing these toxic reactions. A poisoned brain causes misfires and misconnections in the mind. If one poisons one’s brain with chemicals and processed foods, for example, the mind is not going to be operating at full potential causing negative thinking which can lead to inappropriate (toxic) reactivity. A healthy brain gives us the ability to have mind control.


There is only ONE solution for survival on this planet and that is to detoxify and rebuild the body, mind and soul starting with each one of us. Whatever chemicals were passed to you in your mother’s umbilical cord, whatever toxins you were exposed to in the home you were raised in, whatever mental poisons you grew up with, whatever toxic beliefs your friends and co-workers believe, whatever poisons are in your workspace, whatever toxic choices others in your environment are choosing, it is your responsibility to clean up YOU….then help others around you do the same as well because their choices directly or indirectly impact you to some degree.

If we know that a poisoned physical body and poisoned mind are the cause of all disease and problems…change it. If you want to stop Covid-19, detox your body with raw foods, hot baths, Terramin Clay, body work, etc. Detox your home by removing as many chemicals as you can and replace them with healthy alternatives. If you own a company, detox your work environment reducing the exposure of your employees. Find ways to purify the environment…both the physical environment and the emotional/mental environment of your workspace.

Since all of these recent events around the world, it is clear to me the importance of offering a Universal Health care program for every person. Every living being deserves the resources necessary to have a healthy physical body, healthy mind, healthy emotions, and ealthy connections to the world. No one can be left behind. It takes only one individual to be lost in the system and not have the mental capacities to survive to take down others. Look at what the toxic mind of one person can do with a gun in their hands…mass shootings. And on the flip side, there are people with healthy minds that are very responsible with firearms and can respect them and enjoy them.

Detox and rebuild the mind & body to free your soul and live a happy healthy life

Below is the actual video footage of the George Floyd incident including him going into unconsciousness and potentially death. Think about your life. Where can you step in and take control over your reactive mind, your reactive emotions, your reactive communication, the food choices you make for your body. No one can make you healthy except for you.

The George Floyd incident on video.

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