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Measles: A Whole New Perspective

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Man was put on this planet to live synergistically with nature which includes bacteria, viruses, molds and parasites. Over the centuries, man also created various poisons such as chemicals, plastics, equipment that emits radiation, and electromagnetic pollution, all of which greatly benefits our lives, but also poisons our physical body at the same time.

When a chemical or poison enters our body, it destroys healthy living cells as it travels throughout, causing dead cells and debris to be left behind. Humans are designed to naturally remove these dead cells, and debris, but because we are exposed to so much toxicity on a daily basis, there is more dead cells, toxins, and debris than our body can remove. When we have a build-up of these dead cells, poisons and debris, our body uses bacteria, viruses, and parasites to break it down, so it can be efficiently removed from the body. The human body can create its own bacteria or virus, or it can use one that it has been exposed to from another individual such as the case with measles. A virus like measles quickly dissolves the debris in the body and it is then moved out of the body through glands such as tonsils, through the lymph and out the skin and the so-called “symptoms” one experiences is the body moving the poisons and debris out.

Measles is a viral detoxification of the body. Every person could be in contact with the virus but only those who have a build-up of poisons and actually NEED the detox to happen will experience symptoms. If you are on a consistent detoxification program, you may be in contact with the virus and not go through the detoxification. Allowing this detox to happen and coming out on the other side will actually make the body healthier.

If you experience the detox symptoms and continue to put chemicals and unhealthy food in the body, your symptoms may exacerbate, or it will take much longer to get through the detox. If you experience the detox symptoms and eat food that will help move the toxins out faster, PLUS also rebuilds new healthy cells at the same time, you are getting healthier from the detox. List of foods on reference sheet below.

Vaccination Choice:

Some individuals do not want to experience a viral measles detoxification, so they get a vaccination in hopes that it will prevent them from going through the detox. If one chooses this, it is essential that one understand a couple things before getting the vaccine:

· The vaccine stops one from having the detoxification, so it continues to store the dead cells and debris and toxins in the body, plus you are now adding additional chemicals to the body that are in the vaccination. See attached list of vaccinations and all of the chemicals that are in each vaccination. I suggest you research “toxicity of xyz chemical” so you understand what it does to the body.

· If you choose to get the measles vaccine, I suggest taking only the measles vaccine and not the MMR (which combines 3 different vaccines in one). Always get only one vaccine at a time and wait to see if a reaction happens. Reactions can even happen 90 days or more after a vaccine.

· If you choose the vaccine, one MUST eat as much healthy raw fat as possible. Toxins store in fat so having healthy raw unheated fat circulating in the bloodstream continually before, during and after the vaccination is essential to protecting the brain and vital organs from damage from the chemicals in the vaccination. See reference list for what is considered healthy raw fats and resources for them. I suggest eating as much as is tolerated before the vaccine, and for at least 2 weeks after the vaccination (longer is you can).

Non-Vaccination Choice:

· As described above, measles is a viral detoxification of dead cells, toxins, and debris from the body. If you are on a continual detoxification program of some kind, you will most likely not go through the detoxification as you may not have an accumulation of debris that needs to come out. Keep the detox going.

· Detoxification: Ways to help the body move the debris out is through sweating every day (exercise, saunas, hot baths, steam rooms, anything that makes you sweat). Also, all toxins and dead cells have a positive ionic charge to them. All cooked foods have a positive ionic charge to them as well. However, ALL raw foods have a negative ionic charge to them. So when one is eating ANYTHING uncooked, they are detoxing as the negative ionic charge of the food bonds with toxins to pull them out of the body. This means everything… Raw meat, raw eggs, raw unpasteurized dairy, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds and their oils, fresh raw coconut, etc.

· Think: Sushi, ceviche, carpaccio, tuna tartare, steak tartare, coconut cream, avocados, fresh fruits and vegetables and fresh fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies. You can even put fresh raw eggs in the smoothies.

If you experience the Measles Detoxification:

· Drink good mineral water with fresh squeezed/pressed lemon juice in it.

· Drink Smoothies: Fresh raw eggs blended with fruit of your choice and raw unheated honey. I like to make a smoothie with 3 raw eggs, fresh organic pineapple, a little fresh coconut cream or cow cream…blend then add some frozen organic strawberries.

· Raw unpasteurized milk helps speed detoxification and recovery. Fresh coconut milk is an option, but heathy raw fat is essential.

· Eating fresh raw meat (sushi, ceviche’, carpaccio, etc) along with plenty or fresh raw fat helps rebuild new healthy cells and strengthen the lymphatic system again.

· Second best is to eat meat cooked as rare as possible…. i.e. Seared or cooked in water, for example like in chicken soup or beef stew. Still need as much raw fat as possible.


Check vaccine list below for chemicals in the vaccine you are considering. Then google the words….. “toxicity of _____ chemical” to find what this does to the human body. This is very important that you do this so you have all of the information before choosing to inject your child or yourself. Once fully informed, you can truly make an informed decision.

Here is the link to this chart from the CDC website that will be clear to read. This screenshot is a bit blurry. This is an important step.

Raw Healthy Fat:

Raw unpasteurized dairy (milk, cream, kefir, yogurt, cheese, etc) - click milk finder and click your state to find raw milk near you.

Fresh raw coconut and coconut cream – make your own (email me for instructions)

Fresh raw eggs (if concerned about bacteria, crack the egg into glass and smell. If not odor ok to eat. If odor, throw it out)


Nut/Seed Oils – various Truly RAW unheated nut and seed oils

Olive oil – Lots of truly raw unheated olives oils on the market. Bariani is one of them.

Ask company how they produce oil and what the highest temp is that is reached in the

Production of oil. You do not want any higher than 96 degrees F. In fact, no oils

should purchased if they have been heated over 96 degrees.

Evidence that viruses and bacteria detox the body:

Harvard Medical School, Yale University, Mayo Clinic and many others major medical institutions around the world have proven this with studies injecting various bacteria and viruses including the herpes virus, pox virus, measles virus, salmonella bacteria, e-coli bacteria and others, into cancerous tumors and shrunk or eliminated the tumors completely without touching any of the healthy cells around the tumor. The side effects are fever, some diarrhea, and sweating and some rashes. Again, this is the debris coming out of the body and being eliminated once the virus or bacteria has broken it down.

Measles virus kills cancerous tumors:

Other virus and bacteria kill cancer:

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