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The Ripples of Hate

How we each contribute to the hatred in the world.

The mass shootings once again act as a mirror for every person in this country. These shooters learned hatred and fear from someone. Are we really surprised this is still happening? Every day we see the highest political officials criticizing and blaming and pointing their fingers in anger at each other. We are not modeling groundedness and mature conversation at the highest levels of our country, but rather how to hate.

Nothing will change until every single individual looks in the mirror and askes themselves where they still hold hate in their soul, or what choices they make to cause others to hate them. We blame guns and social media and movies and video games, but few are willing to look within and ask how they contribute to the hate in the world.

Live your life from a place of kindness for all beings. Every little bit of hate that you hold in you, or that you create, causes ripples of hatred in the world that impacts others around you whether you know it or not. Your hate causes others to hate, which cause others to hate. All of our hate has collectively contributed to these shootings to some degree.

Its not your fault. The hate that you feel was passed to you from the generations before you, but it is your job to detox it and fill your soul with positivity. Daily detoxifications of the body, mind, spirit, emotions, energy, and communication lead to healing of the total human being. Practice understanding and kindness today and every day.

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