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The Notre-Dame Fire and It’s Coincidences?

Sometimes in our life, things just happen. But if you open your eyes and ears to the synchronicities that are occurring all around you, you may begin to wonder if indeed… nothing happens by coincidence. Could it really be a coincidence that the most famous cathedral in the world which houses the crown of thorns that was worn by Jesus, caught fire in the holiest week in Christianity, the week that Jesus was crucified? And that the Jewish holiday of Passover which represents freedom, also falls during this same week?

I consider myself more spiritual than religious, and this is not about religion per se but lessons to be learned when these things happen. No matter what your beliefs, religious or spiritual practice, we have all experienced synchronistic events in our life. We think of calling an old friend and suddenly the phone rings and it is them. Just last fall, we transported our 190-pound Newfoundland from California to Michigan. Unfortunately, the dog did not make the trip due to an underlying health condition and my daughter was away at college while this went down so she never got the opportunity to say good-bye to him. The next day, she walked out of one of her classes and there was a large Newfie that looked exactly like our Oliver. That was no coincidence. She was able to hug this dog and energetically say good-bye to hers, giving her closure.

So, what are the lessons to be learned from the connections of the Notre-Dame fire? Well, let’s think about this…. The pieces include:

* Freedom - freedom of the Hebrews, freedom of the human spirit, freedom of

human beings, freedom of judgment.

* Sacrifice - the sacrifice of first-born boys in Egypt during Passover, the ultimate

sacrifice of the human existence of a man to teach people, the sacrifice of a

historic cathedral to bring attention to a message.

* Forgiveness - The ability to forgive ourselves and others for negative actions.

* Understanding - living from a place of trying to understand what someone must

have gone through to be the way they are so we can ultimately forgive them.

* Unity - the lessons that we are all connected, the importance of uniting to support

those around the world.

* Regrowth/Life - A new life after death, a new life for the Hebrews, a new life and

regrowth of a church, reminder to appreciate and live life.

What did this past week's events teach you? Who sacrificed something in their life for you? Who gave up some freedom for you? What have you sacrificed for others? Who do you need to forgive? What are you holding onto that has prevented you from forgiveness? Where can you be more understanding? Who can you thank for being so understanding? What dimension have you lost unity? The unity of your family, friends, company, state, country or our nation? Where or how have you stopped growing? ...spiritually, intellectually, emotionally? Have you made the mental choice to stop living life?

Every night on the news we hear about shootings, abuse, and accidents that take the lives of people from our local neighborhoods, to countries around the world. There is something positive for all of us to learn from every life that burns out. God, the Universe, or whatever your beliefs, these past week events were timed perfectly to wake us up and remind us that we are still holding onto judgment, anger, and resentment, and to forgive those close to us and in the world “for they know not what they do”. Jesus paid the ultimate price trying to teach us to operate from a place of kindness, compassion, and love. This past week has been a reminder of that. What was your reaction to the events? Anger or compassion?

Detoxing old negative patterns will quite literally extend your life.

Free your own spirit.....Forgive and live!

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