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The Divided States of America

Never in my lifetime, and some say in any lifetime, has our country been so divided. Our political system is so outdated and needs a complete overhaul. The days of having two different political parties no longer serve us as Americans, or as individuals, as we are no longer the United States of America, but we are the Divided States of America.

As a wellness consultant, one of the topics I address is how anger and anxiety are serious risk factors in heart disease and other chronic illnesses. What we put out to the world is what we get back 10 fold. And, everything is energy, so when we put anger energy out into the world, we are harming our own physical body by this energy boomeranging back to us and ultimately causing damage to our own body. And, because anger breeds anger...we are creating a domino affect around us causing illness to others.

Mankind is at a crossroads right now where we can perish, or we can do a complete turn around and survive at the highest level that man can survive at. There are those on this planet who are awake and understand the transformation that is happening right now. If an individual person wants to survive well, one must take care of ones health by detoxing the old ways of ones physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and communication elements, and rebuilding with positive aspects that support our health and well-being. If you do not understand this, your physical body will deteriorate very quickly. If you want to live a life of health and vitality, making this transformation is critical.

The best thing to happen is for our country to unite. I am not sure we were ever the United States of America as there has always been hate and division among ethnicities, religions, communities, etc. Now is the time for our country to let go of dual parties and work together. I can envision a country where candidates run on issues only, never criticizing other candidates but speaking of what they want to see in the country. Working together as a democratic country where the majority vote wins and the losing side accepts the winning vote and we all move foreword together is the only way our country will survive. It is the only way mankind will survive. The first step in this direction is to heal each individual. Move past your anger to love, compassion, understanding, kindness and working together. Anger is an emotion that is left over from when we lived in primal times and we did not have words to communicate and had to communicate with emotion only. Let this go and operate from a state of love.... if only for your own health. I pray for peace on this earth.

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