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The Breast Implant Detox

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Why it is important to reduce your toxic body load if you have them

Over 500 women have been diagnosed with a rare form of Lymphoma after getting breast implants. These silicone implants are leaching toxins from the silicone shell and some women are still choosing silicone fill, which can also leak out of the shell. Silicone is a highly caustic chemical that can cause severe degradation and destruction of healthy cells in the body. When healthy cells die, they leave cellular debris. The body is designed to naturally move dead cells, debris, and toxins out of the body, but when there is way too much, the body tries to protect itself from what it sees as poisons and creates a cocoon around the toxins and cellular debris. This is a tumor.

It makes sense to me that Lymphoma is the type of cancer that is linked to breast implants. The lymphatic system is designed to help move poisons out of the body by reducing them to a smaller size so they can be efficiently eliminated. The breast area has many lymph nodes in the area so when the silicone leaches from the implant, the lymph nodes and lymph system is right there to go to work detoxing them from the body. The problem is that if there is an overload of toxins, the lymph system cannot work fast enough for the amount of toxins coming in and it gets congested and eventually cancer develops.

If you know someone with breast implants, they must pay close attention to their toxic body load. This is the amount of chemicals that they are exposed to that can accumulate in the body. They must also assist their body in the elimination of the toxins leaching from their implants as well as the other environmental poisons they are exposed to so they can reduce their chance of getting cancer or another debilitating disease. Are you someone who not only has breast implants but also uses chemical shampoos and skin care? Do you drink public water that is treated with chemicals? Maybe you also work in an industry where you are exposed to a number of chemicals on a daily basis. Do you use pesticides on your lawn? Do you swim in a chlorine pool? How is your attitude? Yes, your attitude can create health or sickness in your body as well. A negative attitude and inappropriate emotions can create chemicals in your body that damage healthy cells contributing to cellular death.

Some solutions include incorporating Terramin clay. Terramin clay is a type of clay that if looked at under a microscope looks a lot like a sponge. As it passes through the body, it picks up toxins pulling them into the center of the clay and holding them there until i passes out of the body. Another way is to eat lots of unheated foods. Any food in its raw unheated form bonds with toxins to pull them out. Toxins have a positive ionic charge to them. Raw unheated foods have a negative ionic charge to them. When they are eaten, the negative ionic charged food bonds with the positive ionic charge of the toxins and it pulls them out of the body as they move out.

We also know that toxins store in fat, so having healthy raw fat in one’s diet provides protection for the body. Toxins go into the fats and as the fat passes through the body this protects vital organs from damage from the toxin and does not allow the toxin to re-store somewhere else on its way out. In addition, lymphatic massage can also be very beneficial as it gets the congested lymph system moving again.

We all have to pick our poison, so to speak. We cannot all allow ourselves to be exposed to so many environmental poisons and expect that we will be ok. If breast implants are your thing, I understand, but you must learn how to reduce your toxic load by cutting out toxins in other areas of your life. In addition, you must be detoxifying daily.

Here is a recipe for a milkshake that has lots of healthy raw fat to protect your body from the toxic silicone. If you are vegan you can make a smoothie with fresh coconut cream and raw fruit.

Raw Milk Milkshake Recipe:

2-3 Fresh farm eggs

12-16 ounces fresh raw milk

1 tablespoon raw unheated honey

Blend ingredients in a blender.

Add flavor of your choice:

Banana Cinnamon – 1 frozen banana and ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon

Strawberry Banana – Frozen strawberries and frozen bananas

Or any other fruit or flavor you like.

Blend all ingredients until consistency of a nice thick frozen milkshake.

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