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A discussion of why people die and how you can REALLY “stay safe”

There is so much fear around Covid-19 that I thought I would try to help people feel more confident and in control by providing some education that can empower and lift you up a few notches. Most of the “stay safe” advice out there is to stay away from each other, wash your hands frequently, and basically don’t breathe on anyone. This can certainly reduce your chances of coming in contact with the virus but understand that bacteria and viruses are naturally designed to be easy to transfer to each other ….and for a good reason. I am not going into that reason here, but you can read about why this is true in my other article that addresses the cause:

Today, we are going to address how you can REALLY “stay safe”. I ask you to remember when you were a child and were curious about the world and you constantly asked the question…. “But Why?” Many of us have lost our childhood curiosity and abilities to question things. Time to get the “why” back into your vocabulary.

Covid-19 kills some people…. Why?

Because of organ failure.

Why do their organs fail?

Because oxygen and nutrients are not getting to their vital organs to allow them to function.

Why are oxygen and nutrients not getting to their vital organs?

Because their red blood cells stack on top of each other causing something called the “Rouleaux Effect”, or “Rouleaux Formation”. Imagine poker chips stacked on top of each other. That is what your red blood cells are doing.

Why is that a bad thing?

When they stack on top of each other oxygen and nutrients cannot get into them because of the reduced surface area. Cells that are separated from each other have the surface area of the entire cell for the oxygen and nutrients to penetrate to get into them. Rouleaux formation blood cannot absorb it.

Also, although Rouleaux formation blood can travel through larger areas of the circulatory system such as arteries and veins, the capillaries are so small, only one blood cell at a time can pass through these tiny vessels. When the blood is in this Rouleaux formation, it cannot get through this microcapillary system which is essential to feeding the vital organs. If these vital organs are not getting the oxygen and nutrients necessary so they can do their jobs and remove the waste, it causes a toxic overload to the organ and the patient frequently gets sepsis and/or the organs fail.

Everything that happens can be reduced to a smaller level. A person cannot breathe because they are not getting enough oxygen, so they die

= an organ that is not getting enough oxygen so it dies

= a cell that is not getting enough oxygen so it dies.

You see….it all begins at the cellular level.

Why do red blood cells go into this Rouleaux formation?

This stacking formation happens from:

· Environmental toxins

· Poor diet void of proper nutrients

· Lack of exercise

· Poor quality sleep

· Stress

All of the above cause the cells to become depleted, weakening them and they migrate together into this formation. When this happens, oxygen and nutrients are not getting to ANY part of the body, not JUST the vital organs.

I talk about how the cause of disease is toxicity and deficiencies and is usually a combination of both. If you understand this, you can take control of your health and you will have the POWER OVER THE VIRUS, and not let it have the power over you.

This prescription will protect you from not only COVID-19, but other ailments as well:

· Healthy food: The cleanest, purest food that is the closest to its true nature that you can eat. During times like this, people frequently turn to unhealthy comfort foods that weaken their red blood cells as well as their immune systems. Eat foods that are:

- Free of chemicals

- Free of preservatives

- Non-processed

- Not overcooked

- Anything in its raw form (all raw foods both detox and rebuild at the same time).

- Try to get in veggies, healthy raw fat and some sort of protein. All in its purest form

- Limit alcohol consumption during this time as it weakens the body.

- Little to no processed sugars

· Supplements: A “whole food” supplement can be an excellent addition to your regimen during times like this of stress. A whole-food supplement is one that is made literally with food so it is a complete form of the vitamin. Taking fractionated or synthetic forms of vitamins can actually do more harm than good in some cases. As the supplement worker at your local health-food store where the “whole food” vitamins are located.

· Exercise

- Yard work

- Walk around the block

- Find an online exercise class

- Walk with a neighbor around the block and stay 6 feet apart

· Connect with nature

- Take a walk in the park

- Work in the yard

· Quality Sleep

· Breathe

- We sometimes hold our breath when we are stressed. When a person goes into fear mode we take an in breath like a gasp….. and sometimes we don’t let it out. Heighten your self-awareness of your breathing. Take your mind to your breath and breathe.

· Recharge your cells

- Lay on the ground to get the natural earths vibrations to recharge your blood

- If you have access to a PEMF medical device, use it. It literally recharges cells in your body. Nobel prize winner Otto Warberg proved that charged cells = health and depleted cells = illness.

· Reduce Stress

- Do something creative

- Do something that makes you happy

- Write gratitude letters – writing letters of gratitude to your friends and family members listing at least 2 things that you are grateful for them for.

- Look at the good in all situations

- Forgive someone today – write a letter releasing your anger and granting your forgiveness. This releases the mental and emotional toxins you have been holding that add stress by physically poisoning your body.

Following the prescription above will keep your body healthy and strong. Virus insert themselves into and replicate in weakened cells, not healthy cells.

So to “STAY SAFE” follow the preceding guidelines.

Kimberly Lynn Williams is a medical researcher, health consultant and author of the book, “Raw To Radiant: the secrets to a long life of radiant health” and is available on Amazon in paperback or e-book. You can see Kim’s health model and health cheat sheet which she calls, “The Threshold Of Health” on the bottom of the homepage of her website

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