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PEMF Therapy: From Astronauts To You

Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy (or PEMF therapy) is an FDA approved technology that was developed for NASA astronauts to treat bone density loss from space travel.

It was so effective at helping grow bone in astronauts that Orthopedic surgeons began using the device 3 decades ago to assist patients whose fractures and spinal fusions would not heal. It did not take long before they realized that if it helped grow bone in high risk patients who were not healing due to underlying conditions like smoking and diabetes, it might really help speed recovery for patients without these risk factors. They were right.

In the past decade science has proven that PEMF technology can assist in healing not only bones, but nearly every other ailment in the body as well. It's mechanism of action not only works to help reverse Covid-19 symptoms, but it also works as a prophylactic to prevent this and other diseases symptoms. Here is how...

· For any organ or body part to work properly, it must be healthy.

· For it to be healthy, the cells must continuously move waste out, while bringing oxygen and nutrients in.

· Red blood cells are responsible for transporting the oxygen and nutrients to the organs where their cells get “charged up” so they can do their job of removing waste.

· When these cells do NOT get the oxygen they need, they lose their charge, become depleted, and waste builds up in the cell.

· A waste build-up causes the cell to explode and die.

· Enough cells die in the organ or body part and organ failure happens. Organ failure happens and a person usually dies.

Covid-19 patients die from organ failure due to too much waste build-up in the cells of the organ, and not enough oxygen and nutrients to keep the cells and organs healthy.

What prevents oxygen from getting to the organs in the first place causing the organ to die?

1. You can take in all the oxygen you want and it does not mean it will get to your organs. You can even be on an oxygen machine or ventilator and it still does not mean oxygen is getting to your organs. Why?

2. Because the world we have created is so toxic.

Toxins from exposure to environmental poisons in our air & water, smoking, vaping, street drugs, pharmaceuticals, anesthesia, stress, fear, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, a diet of processed foods or foods that contain chemicals and preservatives, and even trauma such as a physical injury or emotional trauma, can cause our red blood cells to go into a formation called THE ROULEAUX EFFECT.

THE ROULEAUX EFFECT is when red blood cells stack on top of one another kind of like poker chips. This formation not only prevents oxygen and nutrients from getting into the red blood cells, but it prevents the red blood cells from getting through the tiny capillaries that feed the organs because these capillaries are so small only one red blood cell can travel through at at ime.

No oxygen and nutrients getting into the red blood cells, and then no red blood cells being able to get through the capillaries = disease, eventual organ failure and potential death.

PEMF technology changes everything. The mild pulsed electromagnetic frequency in the Curatron is the exact same frequency as the earth’s natural vibration. This energy is sent into the body causing the red blood cells to separate. Now oxygen and nutrients can get into the red blood cells and these single cells can easily travel through the tiny capillaries to feed your organs.

If you want to protect yourself and your family from Covid-19 and a host of other diseases, the Curatron PEMF medical device is available to assist.

Science has proven that viruses like Covid-19 and other viruses THRIVE in Anaerobic conditions (meaning lack of oxygen). The Curatron PEMF technology helps your body change its conditions so the virus will not survive.

To discuss this technology further and how it can benefit you and your family, schedule a ZOOM meeting with Kim. You can reach her at 424-335-9335 or by email

Here is a link on how PEMF can support your health during the Corona virus crisis.

For information contact Jonathan Bowen at

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