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Juice Your WEED and Detox Your Body!

If you partake in the use of marijuana it is essential that you understand the degree of poisons you are choosing to put into your body before you partake in this activity. It would also be extremely beneficial for you to understand how to detox these poisons from your body as we now understand that everydisease and ailment is caused by bodily poisoning.

There is no smoke of any kind, from any kind of plant or product that is healthy for ones’ lungs…period…end of story. All inhalation of anything poisons your lungs. When it comes to inhaling weed, there are various degrees of toxicity that happens depending on how you choose to inhale it. First, understand that as with food, the higher the temperatures it is cooked/heated, the more toxic it is for your body. Tobacco and marijuana are both plants. Plant foods are usually cooked at around 200°F - 400°F which creates food resins that store in the body and contribute to disease. When smoked, the burning point of the plant tobacco is approximately 1650°F.This is very high temperature is one of the key factors that plays into the cause of lung cancer from cigarettes. The second factor is the additional chemicals that are in cigarettes which when heated, create caustic compounds.

Now compare the temperature of marijuana, which when smoked in papers reach a whopping 4000°F! All heat changes the chemistry of the plant but this heat level creates toxic compounds that can be even more damaging than tobacco as was proven in a study at the University of California. The study concluded that smoking marijuana , regardless of the tetrahydrocannabinol content, resulted in a substantially greater respiratory burden of carbon monoxide and tar than smoking a similar quantity of tobacco.

This is why some choose to vape their weed. Vaping pros claim they have more control over the temperatures, and that it is safer. Well, yes and no. Yes, vaping temperatures are significantly lower and range from about 300°F - 450°F so this lower temperature reduces the degree of toxins produced by heat, but it does not eliminate them. In addition, vaping pens have heating elements and chambers that are made of highly dangerous materials that are neurotoxins in the body including aluminum, lead, and mercury. Inhaling the vapors from these extremely dangerous heated metals are even worse and far more poisonous to the body. Finally, we also know that the source of the plant plays into the dangers. Weed sprayed with pesticides and fungicides are then heated in the vaporizer and once again, these chemicals become even more toxic in the body.

The healthiest way to consume marijuana is to juice the fresh organic plant with a press juicer such as the Green Star. All fresh pressed raw juice has a negative ionic charge. All toxins have a positive ionic charge. Drinking your weed juiced and in your fresh juice or smoothie feeds your body with nutrients, and detoxifies poisons from your body.

Your choice…. Smoke your weed and poison your body or juice it and detox your body. If vaping is your thing, I urge you to do your research. Find vaping pen sources that are the healthiest choice and are made from elements that are least toxic to the body such as glass and stainless steel. Also, acknowledge that you are making the choice to put toxins into your body so make a choice of how you can detoxify these poisons from your body. Eating healthy raw fat before and after vaping and having it in your diet keeps this fat in your bloodstream to absorb some of these poisons entering your body. The fat can also grab and detox some of the toxins from the lungs. Healthy raw fats include fresh coconut products such as coconut cream and fresh raw whole coconut, unpasteurized dairy such as raw milk, raw cream and raw butter, fresh raw eggs, avocados, fats from animals foods such as are in salmon sashimi or ground beef tartare.

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