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Ice Cream That Detoxes Lead Poisoning

Can Eating Ice Cream Detox Lead Poisoning? It can if it is raw ice cream.

Too much ice cream can cause health issues but one type of ice cream can actually detox lead from the body.

Doctors have known for decades that toxins store in fat as fat is the body's way of protecting itself from environmental poisons that enter it. Eating fat puts this fat into the bloodstream and brain protecting the body and brain from these environmental poisons. However....studies also show that cooking fat changes the chemistry of the fat causing hardened plaques that store in arteries and nerve endings in the brain and body. Cooking fats also produce something called "lipid peroxides" that damage healthy cells in the body.

Healthy RAW UNHEATED fats do the opposite. They do not damage the body like cooked fats do because plaques and lipid peroxides are not produced as no heat has been applied to it. Healthy raw unheated fats lubricate arteries, nerve endings and protect the body. This is why this ice cream made with organic raw unpasteurized milk and cream not only protects the brain from exposure to toxins such as lead, but the fats grab these along with dead damaged cells, and remove them from the body. In addition, because raw fats are unheated, they have a negative ionic charge to them which bond to the positive ionic charge of the toxins to pul them out.

This raw ice cream is made with raw unheated honey instead of sugar. Truly raw honey has natural insulin-like properties in it to keep blood sugar stable thus preventing Diabetes (and if eaten correctly, can allow many diabetics to reduce or eliminate their diabetes medications). W.B. tells of how she went off her diabetic medications after eating raw honey and raw fats daily.

If you have been exposed to lead or other environmental poisons, it is essential that you consume mass amounts of raw fat to protect your brain and body and remove these poisons.

To order raw ice cream and for information on joining the Genesee County food co-op, email Orders are due each Sunday by 6pm.

photo credit: Forever Bella Photography @Foreverbellaphoto

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