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How Your Chemical Disinfectants Increase Your Risk For Covid-19

If you have minimal exposure to environmental toxins, you have less dead cells and poisons to be removed from the body so you will have fewer symptoms. If you keep exposing yourself to these caustic chemicals, you are increasing the debris in your body and creating the perfect environment for a virus to go to work….and you have what is called “an infection”. Viruses thrive in anaerobic conditions (areas without oxygen). Why do viruses thrive in anaerobic conditions? Because they are not needed in the healthy cells because the healthy cells have oxygen and are therefore alive. When they are destroyed by chemicals and poisons….they now no longer carry oxygen, so the virus goes to work breaking down all of this debris.

What happens if we keep stopping these bacterial and viral detoxifications? Lots of diseases…..including cancer. If toxins and debris are not cleaned out, a capsule forms around this accumulation. This is the body’s way of protecting us…it’s called a tumor. Why is the cancer rate skyrocketing? Because we do not allow bacterial and viral detoxifications to happen. We stop them at the first sign of symptoms. Yes, some “infections” which are really detoxifications are too intense for people to handle and need to be stopped with medications. If this happens, it’s then your responsibility to find ways to move these toxins out of the body a different way.

There are many options. Raw food is one way. Toxins have a positive ionic charge, while any food in its raw, unheated form have a negative ionic charge. When you eat anything that has not had any heat applied to it, you are literally detoxing your body. When you eat an apple, you are detoxing. When you have sushi (if it is uncooked fish), you are detoxing. If you drink raw unpasteurized dairy, you are detoxing.

If you choose NOT to go through bacterial or viral detoxifications, or you give your children and pets vaccinations, so they do not go through these natural detoxifications, then it is your responsibility to detox them in other ways. This is why the Weston Price Foundation is so popular with parents. They tout the health benefits of raw milk, which not only provides an abundance of nutrients to the body but also detoxes the body at the same time. This is also why the K-9 raw food movement is so popular, it helps detox the poisons injected in them that were mixed with the vaccinations and it help keep them detoxing the environmental poisons that they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Here is a link to a PowerPoint presentation on vaccinations and what you can do to support your children (and animals) if you choose to vaccinate or choose not to vaccinate.

The world IS going to be different after all of this, but it’s not going to be different the way most people believe with social distancing. It is going to be different because this is the wake-up call that we have needed to stop the poisoning of our body, and our planet. Stop buying and using these toxic chemicals that are doing more harm in your body. The intention is good… to kill “germs” and protect your family. But you are doing the opposite. To protect your family, you have to allow some “germs” into their body to help with the cleaning. Being too clean is killing us…literally. And when you expose yourself and your family to these chemicals, they then breathe in the volatile gasses that damage the lungs. Now you have created a perfect condition for the viruses to come into their body and do their clean-up job.

There are great alternatives that are just as effective. There is a cleaning product that was on Shark Tank a few years ago. Here is the video where the developer measures the bacteria that is removed from the counter and shows it is better than toxic chemicals and then squirts it in his mouth! I have absolutely NO connection to this product or the people. There are other options out there as well. Do your research and if you find something you love send me the link to it and I will post about it.

Of course it is not just cleaning products that are poisoning us. We are exposed to environmental poisons nearly 24/7/365. We have to pick our poisons so to speak. Educate yourself on what is toxic in your world…our world…and pick which ones you cannot live without and which ones you can swap out for other healthier alternatives.

The ONLY way to “stay safe” in this pandemic is to get healthy by detoxing and rebuilding our body and our environment. If you don’t do it for yourself then do it for your children or grandchildren so they have a future. If we don’t make a change, Covid-19 will be just the start of it. There will be stronger antibiotic resistant bacteria and stronger viral superbugs coming down the road. We have the power to stop them now.

Just do it.

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