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How To Protect Yourself In The Nail Salon

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Photo credit: Allison Christine

As I have shared in previous posts, the cause of all disease is from toxicity and deficiencies. Creating awareness of just how many toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis is the first step to health. Most people are astounded when they wake up and realize what is impacting their body. The second step is to pick your poisons of choice and cut out as much as you possibly can. If you love your nails and really dont want to give them up, here is a tip for protecting your body.

Most of the chemicals that are used for nails, including the glues, acrylics, and polishes, are the most toxic in their liquid and vapor form. The application process, when nails and products are being applied, are usually in these forms until they dry thoroughly. This is when they absorb into and around your nail bed, moving through your nails and skin, and eventually making its way into your blood stream. It takes about 45 seconds for blood to circulate from the heart, around the body and back to the heart again, passing through various organs, glands and body parts. As it travels, the chemicals can damage healthy cells along the way. Over time, and with enough healthy cells damaged in a particular area, that part of the body does not work as well any longer and we give a label to this ill-functionig organ calling it "disease".

Inhailing the toxic vapors that are in the salon can be extremely damaging to the respiratory system. The entire time you are there from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave, you are causing cellular death to your lungs.

The good news is...there is a way to protect your body from these damaging toxins, blocking them from destroying healthy cells. Eating raw unheated fats before you enter the salon, puts these healthy fats into your bloodstream protecting your body from what ever enters it. Doctors have known for decades that toxins store in fats so its like having a little fat pac-man in your blood that can grab the poisons, holding them in its mouth so they do not do damage as they travel around and out your body.

Healthy raw fats include all fats that have not had any heat applied to them. This would include, raw unheated truly cold-pressed seed and nut oils, fresh raw coconut cream, avocados, raw eggs, and raw unpasteurized dairy. You can eat them straight or in various recipes like my raw ice cream recipe, avocado custard recipe, lemon butter custard, raw smoothies and milkshakes, etc.

Eating a little BEFORE you go into the salon and a little after you leave should absorb most of the chemicals that could have potentially damaged your brain or organs in your body. This same trick goes for anytime you are intentionally exposing yourself to poisins like in the hair salon, or when you go to the dentist office and are getting injections to freeze your mouth.

Kimberly Lynn Williams is a researcher and consultant specializing in the area of health and wellness. She is avaialble for private consultations upon request.

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