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High Prostate PSA Level= Toxins Trying To Get Out.

There is actual scientific evidence supporting the importance of ejaculation for men. It can help prevent prostate cancer. A Harvard Health Professionals follow-up study that had over 29,000 participants, and an Australian study that had over 2000 participants, both concluded that men who ejaculated 18 – 28 times per month were 33 – 36% less likely to develop prostate cancer. Why?

The prostate is a gland and poisons get diverted to glands so they can be excreted from the body. That is just one of the multiple ways environmental poisons find their way out of the body in the same way they are moved to lymph glands to be removed through the skin a other outlets of the body. How do you think they get out of us?

When men ejaculate, their prostate contracts pushing fluid out, which becomes part of their semen. This fluid also carries with it the toxins that were stored in the gland. If ejaculation is not occurring frequently enough, these toxins store in the prostate causing inflammation, thus causing a PSA level to rise. When any poison enters the body, the body goes to work to remove it by sending fluids to the area to assist in flushing it out. These fluids are what we call “inflammation”. In the case of an inflamed prostate, there are toxins trying to get out of the body via this male gland. If ejaculation does not happen frequently enough and toxins (or dead cells caused by the toxins) do not get removed, a capsule can develop around the toxins and dead cells…this is a tumor. It is the body trying to protect itself from these toxins so they do not do additional damage.

A high level PSA does not necessarily mean cancer is coming, it means you have toxins that need to removed and if you do not remove them, then a tumor can form, so if your PSA is high... get to work.

What constitutes ejaculating “frequently enough” for a man? The answer depends on how toxic HIS body is. A man who is not exposed to as many environmental poisons and who does not have a lot of deficiencies is far healthier and does not require as frequent ejaculations as someone who is exposed to numerous environmental poisons and has numerous deficiencies in their life. The secret to health is being on a consistent detoxification and rebuilding program. Detox the dead cells and poisons from the body and rebuild new healthy cells. My motto is: Detox - Rebuild - Repeat.

Ways to Detoxify the Prostate:

· Frequent ejaculation

· In the same way a fever causes one to detoxify poisons through sweat, hot baths help move poisons out by heating up the prostate. Sit in a bath as hot as you can stand it for as long as you can. Monitor yourself and of course don't overheat, but do this frequently. Eat a tablespoon of raw unheated fat before getting in the bath, and if you are bathing in public water, put a tablespoon Terramin clay powder in the bath water to absorb the chemicals in the water.

· Terramin Clay is my favorite of the clays on the market. It has a micron size so small it can go anywhere in the body to pull out toxins. The negative ionic charge of this clay grabs toxins which have a positive ionic charge puling the toxins to the center of the clay and carrying them out.

· Stop eating cooked nut and seed oils. These cooked oils produce lipid peroxides which are very damaging to healthy cells in the body. The heating of these oils also destroy themolecusles causing them to dry out and harden. This is plaque in your body that can travel to the prostate trying to get out but gets stuck there. Instead eat raw unheated oils only. Eat 2 tablespoons (one twice a day) of truly raw unheated olive oil, unheated coconut oil, or raw unpasteurized butter every day. The health raw fat will help dissolve the hardened plaque that is in not only in your prostate but can also be stuck in your nerve endings causing pain, brain leading to memory problems, and lymph.

· Fresh raw vegetable juices are an excellent choice. Fresh pressed clearly, cucumber, spinach, parsley (small amounts of parsley as it is very strong), lemon and ginger. I don't particularly love drinking these juices but they are a great way to help breakdown toxins. Their negative ionic charge from the fresh pressed juice, again, bonds with the positive ionic charge of toxins to pull them out of the body. To prevent them from restoring somewhere in the body as they are trying tome out, blend some fresh raw unpasteurized dairy into the drink such as a tablespoon raw cream or a half cup full fat raw milk, or if you are vegan, a couple tablespoons of coconut cream. The fat will grab the toxins that have been released and hold them inside of them to carry them out safely so they do not do damage on their way out of your body.

· An Ayurveda drink of warm water with some raw apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon, and raw unheated honey mixed in is excellent. The enzymes in the ACV and lemon help break down the stored plaque.

Kimberly Lynn Williams is a health coach and detoxification consultant. Her book, “Raw To Radiant: the secret to a long life of radiant health” helps us understand how the environmental poisons we are exposed to impact our body, and how you can help detoxify these poisons from the body. It is available on in both paperback and e-book form, or on her website. She is also available for consultations by contacting her at 424-335-9335, or

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