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Healing Your Soul For Health & Wellness

Our soul comes into this world in its natural state of homeostasis of happiness, vibrancy, creativity, intelligence and health, but from the very moment of conception, man’s choices begin to directly impact this developing child. Environmental poisons break down this being on all levels. Chemicals enter the mother’s blood stream damaging healthy cells in the developing child, emotional toxicity such as fear can begin to not only be modeled but felt inside the womb as adrenaline is released into the blood stream flowing through the umbilical cord right to the baby. Words and other forms of communication are being learned. Everything the mother is exposed to the child is exposed to. Everything the mother thinks, feels and speaks, the child experiences in the womb.

When I was in my mother’s womb, my father was drunk and held a shotgun to her stomach and threatened our lives. The adrenaline rushed through her body and into mine. There I was, in a dark womb, in a sack of water with fear rushing through me. This was just one of many experiences in my early life that taught me the world outside was not safe. Not surprisingly, I was several weeks overdue not wanting to enter this scary world, rarely cried for fear of upsetting the humans in my life, scared of speaking up to men, and scared of the dark and water as that was the world I was living in when I was surrounded by these experiences.

That was just one traumatic incident in my life that molded who I was as a child and caused me to live in fear, and everyone has stories they could tell and books they could write. But as I continued to live life, I came in contact with hundreds of others who emitted love and light and who touched my heart and soul and showed me that the world is not to be feared but to trust. I have a wonderful relationship with my dad today because of understanding and forgiveness.

Our homeostasis as a human being is a healthy body, emotional maturity, intelligence, mindfulness, creativity, communicates in a positive way, is logical and non-reactive, makes good choices, understands and forgives, and it operates from a place of love in our heart……love for self, love for others, love for the planet, and the Universe. The greatest teachers have tried to tell us this for thousands of years and yet we still do not listen. Because we have not listened, we have created a world of chronic illness, pain and disease. When we are out of sync with our natural state of being we feel it in our physical body. Our soul is trying to send us a massage that we are off our path and yet we choose to take a pill to push the message away and keep doing what we are doing.

Our work is to get back into touch with our natural state of being and then to help others do the same. There is a distinct line in the sand that I call the “Threshold of Health”. When you live your life above this line, you are healthy and well in all aspects of who you are as an individual. When you make choices that fall below this line, one experiences ill health, accidents, and unwelcome events in their life. To live a life of radiant health, and to have a healthy planet for our children of the future we must get back in touch with and heal our mind, body and soul. Begin with you.

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