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Heal Kennel Cough Naturally

Kennel Cough: A Detoxification of the Respiratory System in K-9's

My neighbor called to tell me her dog could not play as he has kennel cough and he is in quarantine for 2 weeks and on antibiotics. Already knowing the answer, I asked, "How do you think he got it?". "I have no idea. He has had all of his shots and ha not been in or around a bunch of dogs. My vet described kennel cough like preschoolers getting colds. Some get it and some don't." Your vet is exactly right. But why? And why have we stopped asking.... Why?

Kennel cough is a bacterial detoxification of the respiratory system. The dog has environmental poisons that are stored in the body that need to get out. Her dog has had all of its shots so it has had quite a dose of toxins injected into its system since all vaccinations have chemical poisons in them including aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG and mercury (aka: Merthiolate or Thimerosal). If you don't believe me click on the links below.

Environmental poisons are what cause disease, not bacteria and viruses. We live synergistically with billions of microbes in and on us and around us. They are designed to breakdown the toxins and dead cells that have occurred from the toxins destroying them. Micorobes are designed to help detoxify us. Once they have broken down the dead cells, debris and poisons, our body can efficiently move this debris out. How does it move it out? Any way it can! If we have poisons in our respiratory system, we cough it out. Our body often makes mucus or phlegm to as a carrier of the poisons then we cough the mucus up. The exact same thing happens with dogs. The dogs kennel cough is how it is getting rid of the poisons.

How do we know this? When you pick a live piece of fruit off the tree it starts to die. The cells on the fruit that die grow bacteria and mold. This mold an bacteria is there to breakdown the dying cells. Same goes in people and animals. Top medical universities have proven this by injecting salmonella, e-coli, the herpes virus, the cold virus, the measles virus and other bacteria and virus into cancerous tumors. Can you guess what happens? The tumors shrink or completely disappear. This is because a tumor is dead cells, debris and toxins all encased in a tomb. So when the bacteria and virus come in they target this tomb of dead cells and debris, break it down and then the body eliminates it. The side-effects of injecting these bacteria and virus? The same thing we would call "symptoms"..... fever, body ache, sweating, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, phlegm, nasal discharge, coughing up mucus, etc. So-called "symptoms" are not symptoms of an infection. They are the manifestations of a toxic body/host that is moving the toxins out. Be happy!


Now there are things you can do to support your animal when its going through the kennel cough (or if you or your child are going through a viral or bacterial detoxification). The poisons need to come out AND you need to rebuild the parts of the body that are detoxing. For a respiratory infection such a kennel cough, eat raw unpasteurized butter through out the day as it will do several things. One, it will moisturize the lungs and respiratory system so its not so uncomfortable. Two, the healthy raw fat will grab ahold of the toxins and help move them out of the body faster.

Secondly, you need to rebuild new healthy cells. This is where nutrition is essential. Like heals like. Eating the organ from a healthy animal such as the lung from an organic grass-fed cow or a freshly shot deer if you are a hunter and you can get the organs from your kill, will heal the lungs of the ill animal. This is why doctors give real thyroid to patients who have a thyroid that does not work well. The thyroid will support the health of their ailing thyroid. Native people always ate the entire animal. After a kill, every organ of the animal was cut up into pieces and shared among the tribe to support the health of their entire body. It is well known that organ meat is much higher in nutrients than the muscle meat and yet our culture throws away the healthiest parts. If you cannot find fresh lung, you can order freeze-dried lung from companies that raise healthy animals and take this every day. Also, a diet with lots of raw meat will help provide the natural amino acids necessary to rebuild new lung. Some animals need greens so providing some fresh pet grass for them to chew is also necessary. Even thought the antibiotics will disrupt the flora of the animal, if you insist on giving your pet antibiotics this same diet can help them through it much faster as the raw butter and meat will help replace the flora and will absorb the chemicals in the medications.


If you choose to vaccinate your animal (or child), you MUST give them lots of raw fat before the vaccination and after the vaccinations. Doctors have known for decades that toxins store in fat. If there is healthy raw fat in the bloodstream, at least some of the toxins can get into the fat so when they travel through the body, these poisons will not store somewhere or damage organs and the brain and they can just move out of the body.

A side note: If you know any firefighters or anyone who works in an industry where they are exposed to a lot of toxins that they are breathing in, ore even smokers (of any kind), they should include healthy RAW fat, raw lung, raw meat, raw vegetable juices and raw honey into their diet every day. It will keep their lungs free of poisons.

Kimberly Lynn Williams is a health-coach that specializes in detoxification for health and wellness. Questions or to schedule a Skype session with Kim, contact her at:

Ingredients in human vaccines as posted on the CDC website:

Ingredients in pet vacines:

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