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Could The Cancer In Patients' Who Contracted Covid-19.....Disappear?

There is a real possibility that you will see some cancer patients who contracted the Covid-19 virus, have their tumors shrink or disappear. Why? Because virus and bacteria are designed by nature to naturally assist in cleaning out our body. That means cancerous tumors as well. This is well documented from medical researchers all over the world and why scientists are trying to develop bacteria and virus “pills” to work as a carrier that you can take. I am not talking good bacteria/bad bacteria here.

Salmonella and E-coli have proven to break-down cancer cells without touching one healthy cell around them. Oncolytic viral therapy dates back to the 1800’s when a number of viruses including the measles virus was intentionally injected into patients with cancerous tumors so eliminate the cancer. Even today, patients have gone into remission after having a viral infection. You may even hear about a patient today whose cancer disappeared after contracting the measles (or being injected with the measles….or cold virus…or flu virus…or even the herpes virus). This therapy was showing some signs of hope when chemo and radiation proved successful so oncolytic therapy was abandoned and forgotten until the past 10 years where it has been brought back to life due to its success without serious side effects.

How Cancer Happens:

When a person is exposed to environmental toxins, these toxins damage healthy cells as they are traveling through the body causing cellular debris and leaving residual toxins to also remain. Our body naturally removes debris and toxins but because of the environment we have created, our body cannot remove all of the debris and poisons that accumulate. This is why understanding how to assist the body in detoxing is so critical.

If there is a large accumulation, our body uses bacteria and virus to move in and breakdown this accumulation. Bacteria and virus can breakdown this debris into such a tiny fraction of its original size that it makes it so much easier for our body to flush it out…. via sweat (from fever), vomit, diarrhea, sneezing, coughing, runny nose, runny eyes, etc. This is a natural detoxification process.

But because we stop these natural detoxifications from happening and stop the symptoms, we push these toxins back into the body to re-store. Our body keeps trying over and over to create bacteria and virus to clean us out and we keep stopping it over and over. Eventually, our body creates a capsule around the debris and here you have a tumor.

How COVID-19 may reduce tumors

Covid-19 is a “super virus” that was created in the same way anti-biotic resistant bacteria develop. Antibiotic resistant bacteria become resistant to anti-biotics because you are not letting the body go through its natural detox process and you keep stopping it with medications, so it creates something stronger that the medications will not work on. Covid-19 is the viral form of this concept. Because we do not have a vaccine or medications to stop it, it may be allowed to actually do what it was designed to do……clean out debris, including cancerous tumors, which are dead cells, mutated cells, and debris.

As it breaks down the debris in the lungs, fluids move in to flush this debris out……aka: inflammation. That is why patients get inflammation in their lungs. The more toxic their lungs are, the more fluid will be in there to flush the lungs out. Allowing the coughing to happen to expel the phlegm and mucus and fluids allows the poisons to move out. As I have addressed in other articles, one must assist in this toxic removal, and rebuild new healthy cells for health to occur.

Time will tell, but I believe we will hear some stories in the not so distant future about how tumors have disappeared after having the Corona virus. When you get a cold or flu, be happy. Know that it is your body doing what it is supposed to do to keep you healthy.

If you don’t want to go through these detoxifications, then stop putting so many poisons into your body so there is not such a large build-up and thus a large detox. The best way to do this is to first educate yourself about what you are choosing to put in, and on your body and then “pick your poisons”. We all get to choose which poisons we are not willing to let go of and then change the others. I also understand that there are many poisons that we are exposed to that are out of our control that we come in contact with every day, but everyone has the power to reduce their exposure to some degree and your one voice does have power to help clean up the world we live in for our kids and grandkids and the future generations. Be a good role-model for your kids and teach your kids about toxic exposure and give them a voice and the power to choose how they can help reduce the toxins in our world. Kids WANT this. They want this information, and they want to live in a clean world, and they want the power to help detox their own world. Teach them “why” you are choosing to change laundry detergents to a healthier brand, or “why” you are throwing out your old lead wick chemical scented candles, or “why” you are no longer using the synthetic chemical air fresheners, or “why” you have started buying more organic food, or “why” you started a garden in your back yard so your organic food can me more affordable. Empower yourself and the children of our world.

A second action you can take to prevent yourself from going through these big detoxifications is to do mini-detoxes. The reason I drink fresh raw unpasteurized dairy milk every day is because it is in its natural form, the purest form possible and has natural bacteria in it. These small amounts of natural bacteria and enzymes help do little detoxes in my body, the raw fat in it also helps protect my body by grabbing toxins and pulling them out, and the unheated protein that has all of the natural amino acids preserved helps to rebuild new cells. Raw dairy is not the only food that does this. There are many foods that help the body naturally detoxify and rebuild. You can wait for the pill to be developed, or ingest healthy foods that have natural bacteria and do it the way nature intended.

Kimberly Lynn Williams is a medical researcher, health consultant and author of the book, “Raw To Radiant: the secrets to a long life of radiant health” and is available on Amazon in paperback or e-book. You can see Kim’s health model and health cheat sheet which she calls, “The Threshold Of Health” on the bottom of the homepage of her website

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