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Corona Virus Prevention in Babies and Children

If you want to protect your babies and children from the corona virus, detox their bedroom. Humans spend about 8 hours a night in their bedroom sleeping with their face on their pillow and mattresses, and newborn babies sleep up to 16 hours a day. Unless you have purchased the cribs, bedding, pads, sheets, and blankets from an organic supplier, your baby is breathing in formaldehyde, PVC’s, and acrylonitriles, all of which are poisoning and damaging their lungs.

It is normal and exciting to prepare the nest so to speak, but well intended parents buying new furniture, bedding and décor to decorate the nursery may unknowingly be poisoning their baby. What most parents do not realize is that they are creating a toxic room that is off-gassing harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which are then breathed into the tiny lungs of their newborn or child.

Homes high in VOC’s put your family at risk of respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, bronchitis and chronic respiratory infecions and now give them what is known as an underlying condition. Who gets the most severe symptoms from COVID-19? People with “underlying conditions”. The term “underlying conditions” simply means a person where toxins have entered the body and caused damage to an area such as the lungs.

Why do people with “underlying conditions” get the most severe symptoms? Because natural bacteria and virus are designed to breakdown these toxins (including the actual poison, the dead cells and cellular debris, and scar tissue) that has collected in the lungs, to be reduced to a smaller size so the body can eliminate it efficiently. They “symptoms” are all of this broken-down debris coming out of our body. Fever is created so it can come out of our skin in the form of sweat, diarrhea happens to eliminate some of these toxins from our GI tract, vomiting happens to eliminate it quickly, nasal discharge drains it out the nose, and mucus and phlegm are created to hold this waste and debris and eliminate it through the mouth via cough.

People with underlying conditions, aka: toxic lungs = more severe symptoms aka: debris exiting.

People with less symptoms = less poisons in the lungs to come out = less debris exiting.

If you are expecting or have recently given birth and want to ensure the health of your child, ensure your own health first by limiting your own exposure to respiratory toxins that you can pass to the lungs of your baby, and create a safe healthy non-toxic space for your child to prevent weakening their respiratory system. Use LOW-VOC or NO-VOC paints in the room and purchase organic and chemical free clothing, furniture and bedding. Look for natural toys made of wood, silk, wool and cotton, and register for 100% cotton, non-flame retardant, and organic baby clothing. There are so many more options today.

You can also take in Terramin Clay during and after your pregnancy. This natural clay has a structure that looks very much like a sponge. As it passes through the body, it absorbs toxins into the sponge-like structure, holding them there and carrying them out of the body. The micron size of the structure is so small it can literally get anywhere in the body to clean it out, including into the cells, any cells, anywhere in the body.

Finally, if at all possible...breast feed. Mother's natural milk is the absolute best possible nutrition you can give your child, that is unless your body is extremely toxic. If your body is overly toxic, get some fresh organic raw pasteurized milk. You can give this straight or there are many baby formulas that can be made with this fresh milk. The idea is to help baby and child to move out any residual toxins that have been passed to them and assist in their growth by providing the highest possible nutrition as you can.

Remember: you have control over the virus, it does not have control over you or your child unless you let it.

Common Nursery Toxins:

Indoor House Paint: Benzene, methylene, and Chloride, Toluene, Xylene, Ethanol, Acetone

Toys: contain PVC’s, Polyethylene, Acrylonitrile

Stuffed Animals: chlorinated Tris, polychlorinated biphenyl

Crib Bumpers: PVC’s, Polyester, Formaldehyde

Pacifiers & Teethers: PVC’s

Squeeze Toys: PVC’s

Furniture Upholstery: PVC’s, Polyester, Formaldehyde

Bedding: Acrylonitrile, PVC’s, Polyester, Formaldehyde

Carpets: Acrylonitrile, Polyester, Formaldehyde

Baby Clothing: Acrylonitrile, Polyester,

Baby Pants: PVC’s, Polyester

Wall Coverings: PVC’s

Mattresses: Polyester, Formaldehyde

Disposable Diapers: Acrylonitrile

Plastic Garbage Cans: Polyethylene

Common Respiratory Toxins in Everyday Baby’s & Children’s Rooms That Off Gas:

PVC’s contain vinyl chloride which can cause cancer, genetic changes, respiratory distress and illnesses,

Acrylonitrile (acrylic plastics) : Human carcinogen

Polyethylene- Human carcinogen

Polyester- respiratory tract irritation

Formaldehyde- Human carcinogen, causes genetic changes, respiratory and central nervous system damage.

Polyurethane- Causes severe respiratory illness such as bronchitis, as well as skin and eye problems. Polyurethane foam releases toluene diisocyanate which can produce very severe lung problems.

Styrofoam- Vapors are irritating to eyes, nose, throat, and can cause dizziness and unconsciousness.

Chlorine – Respiratory disorders

Phosphates- Cancer, developmental disorders

Benzene – Cancer, developmental disorders, reproductive disorders

Methylene - Cancer , Respiratory distress

Chloride – Cancer, developmental disorders, reproductive disorders

Toluene - Cancer, developmental disorders, reproductive disorders

Ethanol - Cancer, developmental disorders

Acetone - Developmental disorders, reproductive disorders

Chlorinated Tris- Cancer, reproductive disorders, learning disabilities.

Polychlorinated biphenyl- Cancer, Developmental disorders.

There is a book that I keep in my collection called Home Safe Home, by Debra Lynn Dadd. It is a great reference for parents who want to gain more knowledge on the hidden poisons in the home that cause disease. Remember, it is the host and the environment that is the cause of disease…not the bacteria and virus

Also, California passed a was called Prop 65 in which it is mandatory for companies sot disclose the known toxins in their products. Here is a link where you can cross-reference toxins and it will tell you the known damage that it does in the body such as... causes cancer, causes reproductive disorders, causes genetic disorders, etc.

Kimberly Lynn Williams is a medical researcher and health consultant specializing in the detoxification and rebuilding of the human being for health and survival. For consultations you can reach her at, or 424-335-9335.

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