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5 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Chances Of Covid-19 Symptoms

Stop poisoning yourself and blaming a virus. Detoxing your home of chemicals is one of the absolute BEST WAYS to prevent you and your family from suffering symptoms of the Covid-19 virus.

The Covid-19 virus thrives in the exact same way every other bacteria and virus thrive on our planet…. on debris. It is just stronger because we are conditioned to kill off bacteria and viruses when we get them in our body, so nature has morphed a stronger one to try to get the job done of cleaning house…”house” being our body.

Let me explain…

When you pick a piece of fruit off a tree, over time the cells of that fruit die and mold and bacteria grow on the dead areas to break it down. This is how it composts itself. The exact same thing happens in the human body. When we are exposed to environmental toxins and chemicals, these poisons destroy healthy cells in our body. Then, your body’s natural composting process begins. Bacteria and viruses move-in to breakdown the dead cells (composting them), and then our body sends fluids to the area to flush this debris out of any possible orifice. The “symptoms” we experience such as cough, phlegm, sweat, nasal discharge, etc, is our body removing the dead cells and poisons. Then our “T” cells turn on to shut off the bacteria or virus. It is basically that simple.

Because we are conditioned to stop these symptoms with medications when they happen, we stop the natural detox process from happening as well, stopping the debris and poisons from exiting our body. So what does our body do? It creates an even stronger bacteria or virus that medications cannot stop. Sound familiar? This is why Covid-19 emerged. We created it.

If we do not wake-up and stop the toxic poisoning of our being, this process will keep happening over and over. Vaccinations are not the long-term solution. Well, they could be if we inject enough vaccines in our bodies to destroy all of mankind....then nature will take over and clean itself up. Cleaning up our environment on every level (body, home, community, state, country, world and Universe) is the ONLY way to stop the madness.

If you are using toxic chemicals in your home or workplace , YOU are the one who is poisoning yourself and your family setting yourself up for the Covid-19 virus to THRIVE! These chemicals destroy healthy cells creating the perfect conditions for it to live...thus increasing our numbers.

Oh...let me add one more thing... Now that the weather is colder in many regions, the heat is being turned on. What happens to these chemicals when the heat is cranked up? Heating the chemicals produces an increase of the VOC's being released into the air. With closed doors and windows, you are trapping these poisons in your home. Is there any wonder why numbers are rising?



1. Clean With Natural Cleaners: Breathing in the bleach and other harsh chemical cleaners that are being used in our homes and businesses, is an efficient way for these chemicals to absorb into mucus membranes and make their way into your bloodstream where they damage healthy cells not only in your sinuses, lungs and entire respiratory tract, but they can damage healthy cells anywhere along their journey through the body once absorbed into the blood stream. You have now set yourself up for bacteria and viruses to thrive because these dead cells need to be broken down and cleaned out…like composting them in the body. This is how we stay healthy and alive.

a. Vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, and pure essential oils are excellent natural cleaners.

2. Get Some Plants: Live plants have long been known to clean the air. Below are two resources listing the best air purifying plants. Don’t forget to put some in your bedroom and your child’s bedroom. We spend nearly one-third of our life sleeping and breathing in the air in this room.

3. Pitch Your Air Fresheners: Air fresheners, fabric fresheners, plug-ins, diffusers and candles are LOADED with highly toxic chemicals that poison your sinuses, lungs and respiratory system. Don’t be fooled by their sneaky advertising. A very popular room freshener has a very cleaver marketing campaign showing you a list of chemicals that are “NOT” in their product having you believe the product is non-toxic. IT IS NOT. IF you research what IS in the ingredients, you will find highly caustic chemicals that damage the respiratory system. Trade these chemical air fresheners in for natural scents from pure essential oils. Most candles use chemical scents and wicks that contain a lead center. Lead is one of the most dangerous heavy metals for the brain. Buy only candles that use pure natural essential oils and lead-less wicks.

a. Drop several drops of essential oils into a spray bottle of purified water and spray around room.

b. Use essential oils in a cool air diffuser if you want a continual scent.

c. Coat a cotton ball with pure oil and hide in spots in your bathroom.

d. Drops of oil in corners of the room on a non-porous surface provide another option for a continual scent.

e. My favorite essential oil brand is “Wisdom of The Earth”. These medicinal grade oils not only provide a safe and pleasant scent for your home, but when used directly on the body, can assist in the healing of ailments. For more info contact rep Kat Bjornson or 970-366-0963.

f. My favorite healthy candles are from Tobi Tobin in Los Angeles. Her scents are absolutely divine and all ingredients are non-toxic.

4. Remodel With Non-Toxic Paints, Stains, and Furniture: If you have decided to take the opportunity to do some home upgrades while being homebound, do your research on what you are bringing into your house. Most furniture today is made with highly caustic chemicals that once again, damage the healthy cells of your respiratory system, causing bacteria and viruses to move in and thrive. In addition to the furniture that off gasses formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene, vinyl acetate, hexabromocyclododecane, perfluorooctanoic acid, phthalates, and perchloroethylene. This link explains some of the toxic effects of these poisons you and your family may be breathing in right now. In addition, there are paints now made with low VOC's and no VOC's such as those made by

a. for more details on what these poisons do in the body.

b. Here is a list of 5 paints that do not off-gas harmful poisons increasing your risk of bacterial and viral infections.

c. Furniture, mattresses, and bedding are often treated with harsh and toxic chemicals that you breathe in as you lay on them. I just purchased a new duvet for my bed and while researching, found out that many are treated with formaldehyde and fire retardants. Here is a list of companies that sell non-toxic sofas and furniture.

5. Debra Lynn Dadd is an expert on helping you detox your home so you can be healthy and well. After suffering years of illness, she realized it was her home that was causing bacterial and viral infections. Her books, "Home Safe Home" and "Toxic Free" are a MUST READ if you want to protect your family from viral infections like Covid-19. Both are available on Amazon.


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