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How Fat Can Prevent And Heal Stroke

Stroke used to be a disease of the elderly but with the recent death of John Singleton at age 51 and Luke Perry at age 52, the topic of stroke prevention is at the forefront of many conversations. The incidence of this debilitating disease is increasing as the age at which one is having a stroke decreases. In fact, children as young as 4 years old are showing the beginning stages of atherosclerosis with fatty streaks in their arteries.

Stroke happens when the blood supply to the brain gets cut off depriving the brain of oxygen and nutrients for survival, resulting in cellular death to part of the brain. If you don’t want to end up with this debilitating disease and possibly in long-term care, then take note. The only way for you to prevent a stroke from happening to you is to understand what causes the blockage in the arteries in the first place, and then do everything you can to prevent it from happening. And if you have had one, there are steps you can take to heal faster.

Lets look at the process…

What causes a Stroke?

· Plaque builds up in an artery of the brain. When the plaque ruptures a clot covers it causing a blockage in the artery which deprives the brain of oxygen and killing brain cells.

· Plaque that has built up somewhere else in the body breaks off and travels to the brain causing a blockage of the artery depriving the brain of oxygen and killing brain cells.

· The arteries get damaged from environmental poisons and eventually enough cells are destroyed that the artery become so thin and it ruptures.

What is the plaque buildup from?

· Plaque was once thought to be just fat. In the 80’s we were told to stop eating fat. When this happened, people became very ill from the lack of essential healthy fats in their diet as fat protects the body from environmental poisons and are important in many processes in the body.

· We now know that it is not fat causing the plaque build-up in the arteries but heated fats that create plaque.

· Heated nut and seed oils (aka: vegetable oils) are one of the most toxic foods you can put into your body. Science has proven the carcinogenic properties to them as well as the chemistry changes that happen causing them to harden into what we call plaque.

· The higher the heat and the longer the heat is applied to the oil, the more hardened plaque is created that can store in the arteries, nerves and nerve endings.

· See photo attached of the teapot with plaque build-up on it. Organic extra-virgin olive oil was heated in a frying pan while frying eggs. The hot cooked oil splattered onto a teapot and hardened there causing a hardened build-up. This is the same hardened plaque that stores in your body.

How does plaque stick to the inside of the arteries?

· The lining of the artery called the “endothelium” gets damaged by environmental poisons. This damaged spot in the lining offers an easier adhesion of the plaque.

· Smokers have a higher risk of stroke than non-smokers. Studies show cigarettes have chemicals (not nicotine) that are lipid soluble and get into the endothelium cells damaging them.

· Other environmental poisons can damage endothelium cells allowing for easy attachment of plaque.

How can one repair the damaged endothelium cells to reduce the chances of plaque sticking to arteries?

· Healthy raw unheated fats help remove the dead cells and poisons in the arteries. Raw fats consist of raw unpasteurized dairy products, fresh raw coconut cream, fresh raw pastured eggs, avocado, or truly unheated nut and seed oils.

· To rebuild new healthy cells, one needs protein. Raw animal protein has all of the amino acids intact to combine into proteins that rebuild new cells anywhere in the body, including endothelium cells. Think sushi, carpaccio, ceviche’, kibbe, tuna or steak tartare, or fresh raw eggs in a smoothie, or just shooting them Rocky style. Second to raw meat would be meat that is seared so most of the amino acids necessary for creating protein are intact. Bottom line is if you eat animal protein, eat it as rare as possible so as many amino acids as possible are protected. If you are vegetarian, find a source for all of your amino acids.

Is there a way to dissolve the plaque already in the arteries?

· Once the plaque is there it is very hard but over time you can dissolve it. Freshly made raw coconut cream and raw olive oil can dissolve plaque. It is also possible that other raw fats can do so as well as they soften and lubricate the body and arteries.

How can I strengthen the cells of my arteries, so the endothelial lining and my arteries are strong?

· Raw unheated fats lubricate the arteries as well as carry away dead cells.

· The body also needs complete proteins to rebuild any cells that die off. Proteins are combined in the body based on what cells are trying to rebuild.

How can I recover from stroke that has already happened?

· In addition to the care you receive in a hospital, there are other steps you can take to speed your recovery.

· PEMF therapy – Uses a constantly changing pulsed electro-magnetic frequency with magnets to deliver a vibration similar to the earth’s frequency into your body. It helps oxygen and nutrients to be delivered to the brain speeding up recovery.

· Eating unheated raw fat delivers healthy fat to the brain to not only clear out dead cells and debris, but to also protect the brain from the influx of medications or other toxins that it will be exposed to during the healing process.

· Proper proteins, especially complete proteins which you can get in animal proteins provide all of the essential amino acids necessary to rebuild new healthy cells.

· Positive mental attitude, positive communication, and doing things that challenge the mind and bring joy to the person.

There is one other contributor to heart disease that is often overlooked.….the mind. We get so focused on the physical that we forget how connected our body is to our mind. There is a virtual line in the sand that I call “ the threshold of health”. When we as an individual drop below that threshold of health in our patterns of negative mental thinking, our physical body gives us a signal. For instance, heart conditions often signal to us that we are closed-hearted or have some anger or judgment about someone or some group of people. Our negative mental thinking can show up in this heart condition. When it is in children, it can represent the negativity of the parents that the child is witnessing. The stress of what they are exposed to has a direct impact on their heart.

About 8 years ago I started to develop a heart arrhythmia called atrial flutter. I did not understand why this was happening as I took such good care of my physical body. I ate better than most people in the country and worked out several times a week. Two years ago it was brought to my attention that although I had addressed my physical body, I had not addressed the other components that made up this human being called “me”. I realized that although I was feeding my physical body the best food on the planet, I had let people and life poison my mind, my emotions and my spirit. This realization allowed me to flip a switch inside and at that very moment, I let go of all past built-up anger, judgment, pain, guilt, fear, resentment and other closed-hearted thoughts and emotions. It was a massive mental and emotional detoxification. Within a week, the atrial flutter disappeared and has not returned. Since that day, I work very hard to keep up my healthy lifestyle which includes not only detoxing my body of environmental poisons, but also detoxing any negativity and judgment towards anything or anyone. Instead I work hard to try to understand them, send them love, and fill my life with things that make me happy. All of that negativity puts stress on your being…especially your heart.

Open your heart to heal your heart. Practice mindfulness of ones own thoughts, words, and actions...filtering them through necessity, kindness and truthfulness.


Truly cold-pressed Olive Oil

“Bariani Olive Oil”

Fresh Raw Coconut Cream

“Original Living Coconut Cream”

“Kippy’s Ice Cream”

Raw Unheated Oils-

“Andreas Oils”

Raw Unpasteurized Dairy-

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