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Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency 

The EPA has studied and documented that indoor air is 10 to 100 times more toxic and dangerous than outdoor air due to the off-gassing of invisible poisons called VOC's...or Volatile Organic Compounds.  These poisons release from furniture, carpeting, paint, cabinetry, children's toys, plastic storage containers, any item made of plastic, air fresheners, laundry detergents, cleaning products, personal care products, colognes and perfumes, automotive products, electronics, and many other common household items. 

When an adult, child or pet breathes in these invisible poisons, they travel to the lungs where they damage healthy cells of the lung tissue leaving this area primed for bacterial and viral infections. It is well documented that microbes like viruses do not thrive on healthy cells, only damaged cells in the body. 

Not only are the lungs damaged, but our blood picks up oxygen in the lungs and transports it to the heart and then out to the rest of the body. If there are toxins in the oxygen that is breathed in, those poisons travel throughout the entire body causing damage to potentially any body part causing that body part to stop working properly. 

Clean air is the foundation to health and wellness and most people have no idea the amount of toxic VOC's they breathe in each day. 

There is no better air purification system for your home or workspace than AllerAir purifiers. The medical grade systems have the highest level of HEPA particle purification...the SUPER-HEPA, that filters 99.99% of particles. It also has the highest volume of activated carbon used to absorb the invisible VOC's from 10 to 40 pounds. The UV germicidal light attacks the DNA of germs, viruses, bacteria and molds so they cannot reproduce making them harmless. And, the natural wool pre-filter grabs all of the larger particles preventing them from clogging the system and allowing your HEPA filter to last longer.   

When NASA astronauts returned from space travel, one of the primary concerns was the significant bone loss (Osteoporosis) due to the lack of gravity in space. Scientists created a technology called Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency or PEMF to resolve this serious problem. The technology uses the earth's natural healing frequencies to remove debris while simultaneously pulling oxygen and nutrient rich blood into the bones to allow them to rebuild. 

It turns out that the technology not only worked on rebuilding bone, but it also helped heal other ailments as well because of how it works in the body. The body heals every part of itself in the same basic way. It cleans out dead cells and debris in the area and rebuilds itself if given the proper nutrients and oxygen to do the job. PEMF technology assists in this natural process. 

There are 2 important numbers when selecting a PEMF technology. The first is the frequency. There are toxic EMF's and healing EMF's. PEMF - TECH uses a natural healing vibrational frequency similar to the healing energy that you feel when you are laying on the beach or walking through the woods. 

The second number relates to the power of penetration. This means the unit must be powerful enough to push this healing frequency deep into the body to reach specific organs. This is especially important when treating bone. 

PEMF-Tech was created by one of the scientists that created the technology for NASA. It offers the healing frequency while giving you the power of penetration into the areas that need to heal. 

Your body can heal itself if given what it needs to do so. PEMF-Tech helps deliver the healing energy it needs.  

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