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Question Everything...And Eat More Lettuce

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Once again, we hear the media reports of how lettuce is the culprit of an E.coli outbreak causing nationwide panic and dramatic fiscal impact on the agricultural industry. And once again, bacteria on lettuce is being blamed for 32 people who went through an intense detoxification when, if bacteria really was the culprit, more than 32 people would be ill.

First, let’s look at the facts of how lettuce was singled out as the offender. Below is the result of the investigation taken directly from the CDC website that lead to the nationwide fear of romaine lettuce.

“In interviews, ill people answered questions about the foods they ate and other exposures in the week before they became ill. Eleven (79%) of 14 people interviewed reported eating romaine lettuce. This percentage is significantly higher than results from a survey[PDF – 787 KB] of healthy people in which 47% reported eating romaine lettuce in the week before they were interviewed. Ill people reported eating different types of romaine lettuce in several restaurants and at home”.

32 people were interviewed as to what they ate the week prior to feeling ill yet the report states that only 11 of 14 ate romaine lettuce. What about the other 18 people? There were 32 not 14 that became ill. If only 11 reported eating romaine lettuce how could it be the lettuce? And, 11 of 32 people is 34% who supposedly fell ill from lettuce, not 79% as reported. Secondly, the report compares the people who fell ill with a previous report of healthy people in which only 47% ate romaine lettuce. If you click though and look at this study, you will see it was done in 2006/2007. What does a report from 2006 have to do with the people who feel ill in October of 2018? It is completely illogical.

And finally, the news reports state that one person developed kidney failure, but no one stated that the kidney failure could have come from the medications given. If a physician suspected a bacterial infection and put the patient on antibiotics, these antibiotics can shut down the kidneys very quickly causing a dangerous condition. This exact circumstance happened to my mother only a few weeks ago. She developed a UTI and the hospital put her on an antibiotic that shut her kidneys down. As soon as she was taken off that antibiotic they began to function properly again.

The lesson here…question everything. Don’t just believe everything you hear in the media. Do your own research and see for yourself.

Now let’s address the accusations of bacteria. Man has been on the planet for approximately 200,000 years, and for the most part, living with nature and the bacteria that is in it. There are 10 times more microbial cells than human cells in every human body, and yet our bacteria phobic culture is hell-bent on destroying them. What’s important to understand is that bacteria do not make us sick, we the host make ourselves sick. We are exposed to environmental toxins 24/7. These poisons damage parts of our body causing dead degenerative cells to accumulate inside of us. Bacteria go to work breaking down these dead cells, so they can be efficiently removed from the body. The removal process is actually a detoxification and looks like what we call “symptoms” such as fever to sweat out the toxins, or diarrhea and vomiting to remove dead cells and toxins. If a person has accumulated a high level of environmental poisons and/or dead cells, the body uses vomiting as it is the most efficient form of elimination. Stopping this detoxification can cause the dead cells and toxins to become encysted/encapsulated, producing what we know as a tumor.

Consistently eating a diet that contains raw unheated foods, provides small amounts of bacteria that detoxifies our body slowly, so we do not need to go through these more intense detoxifications. If an individual were highly toxic from unhealthy foods, or exposure to chemicals that stored in the body, and they were exposed to a small amount of salmonella or E.coli, they could go through a heavy detoxification that we call “food poisoning”. This would not be food poisoning at all. The toxic host is actually the cause of what we label as “the illness”.

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