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The ONLY protection against SUPERBUGS

Updated: May 20, 2020

The people in power that are making the decisions today around Covid-19 are missing some critical information and because of this, their intent to protect is actually harming us in the long run. The intent of social distancing and staying home is to protect us. Unfortunatley, it is causing more damage in the long run and they don’t even know it.

Based on the statistics, if 100% of the people around the world were to get the Covid-19 virus, 80% would have zero to mild symptoms. Why? Because this 80% are, generally speaking, healthy. 20% would have more severe to severe symptoms. Why? Because they are unhealthy. Yes, there are the occasional cases we hear about where a seemingly “healthy” person contracted the virus and died. You THINK they were healthy, but they were not. There was some genetic disorder or underlying condition they had in their history that is not being reported in the 10 second news report that you see. Or, they were healthy but they had a reaction to a medication which shut down an organ causing their death and the virus was blamed.

The current guidelines of staying at home and social distancing is treating 100% of the people, which is weighing down the 80% that are generally healthy, causing their body to be more toxic, making them more susceptible to the virus. Yes, there have been beautiful positive stories of humanity coming from this crisis showing the true nature of mankind and how we can adapt to change, but closing athletic centers, and spas, and yoga studios, and other fitness facilities and not allowing people to participate in the mind, body and spiritual activities that kept them healthy in the first place, reduces their health. We can all go out for a walk, but walking is not the best activity for every body. Also, socializing and physical touch is an essential part of survival. It is completely un-natural to social distance. Finally, the chemicals that everyone is using to "protect" us from the virus, is actually increasing our risk of serious symptoms from the virus. Toxic chemicals and a toxic environment is what caused this virus in the first place. We are adding fuel to the fire.

Shouldn’t our focus really be on keeping the 80% strong and healthy and helping bring the 20% up making them strong and healthy so they are not impacted by the virus? I have not heard one person who makes decisions in this crisis address this. Why? They are missing some critical information. There is only ONE way to stop Covid-19 and its not self-quarantining in our homes and social distancing. None of this will stop the virus and neither will masks and gloves. The only way is to learn what it truly means to get healthy and do it.

The answer is to first educate yourself about what really causes disease. It is not bacteria and viruses as many have been told. No one dies from Covid-19 in the same way no one died from the black plague bacteria, or the swine flu virus. The people who died during these times poisoned themselves unknowingly. The same thing is happening today. If you take the time to truly understand this, it can change your life and your health forever. Have you ever seen the commercial where a man mugs a woman by grabbing her purse, then the camera opens up and we see that what is REALLY going on is that she is about to step out into oncoming traffic, and he grabbed her purse to pull her back onto the sidewalk, ultimately saving her life? The exact same thing happens with bacteria and viruses....including Covid-19. Step back and see the big picture.

When we get sick we see this….

Bacteria or viruses attacking our body. Then our T-cells turn on and multiply and move in and attack the bacteria or virus.

But we are so in the box. We have to step back and look at the entire picture of what is REALLY happening. When you see the truth, you will see that bacteria and viruses are actually like little superheroes in our body removing the debris and poisons that were put there by us. We are the cause of disease... not "germs".

To understand the science behind disease, watch this video below:

After watching the video you can now understand that we are all the cause of our own disease. The level of toxins you are exposed to and the work you do or do not do to remove those toxins and debris determine your health. The only way you and your children and your grandchildren will survive superbugs is to understand that we have to detoxify and rebuild at every level.

There are very specific scinece-based natural and safe choices that you can make right now to help move the debris out of your physical body so that when you ARE exposed to viruses like Covid-19, you will not need the detoxificaion and you will not go through the extreme symptoms. Read my post entitled "Detox - Rebuild - Repeat" to learn some natural ways to assit your body in removing the toxins, dead cells and debris, and to rebuild new healthy cells so your organs and glands and body can function properly and you can live fearless of bacteria and viruses.

Doctors can save lives and give people medicines that help their organs survive temporarily, but doctors cannot make you healthy. Only you can make yourself healthy, and being healthy is your only protection.

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