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Oli's Organics

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Organic & Wild

Artisan Dog Treats

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Don't you find it a little strange that there are 8.7 Million different species of animals on planet earth and not one of them cooks their food before they eat it? ...except for humans ....and their domesticated pets. It turns out this is one of the major reasons humans and domesticated dogs and cats have the most disease of any of the 8.7 million species of animals on the planet. 


When you boil it down to the root cause, all disease in all animals is caused by 2 things only....environmental toxins and deficiencies. Toxins enter the body and cause damage to healthy cells. Enough cells are damaged in a specific area of the body and that part of the body does not work well any longer. We give this a disease name. It's like how smokers' have consistent diseases in their lungs such as bronchitis, pneumonia and cancer from the cigarette poisons.  

The exact same thing happens in our pets. 100% of dog & cat food, and dog & cat treats that are found on the shelves of a typical grocery store have dangerous toxins in them and are poisoning your pet. It's true...and there is plenty of science to prove it. See "The Science" below to read more on how our pets are being poisoned. 

Oli's Organics was designed to provide your dog with truly healthy treats that support their health and wellness.

  • Organic- What the chicken eats is what your dog eats. If the chickens' food is sprayed with pesticides and herbicides, that goes into their body. Your dog ingests those same pesticides and herbicides when they eat the chicken. Many dogs today have allergic reactions to chicken but what many people do not realize is that it may not be the chicken but the chemicals the chicken ingested. The meat used for Oli's Organic chicken treats is organic and Non-GMO. This means the chickens were fed organic and non-GMO food, in addition to bugs and worms they free ranged on the farm. 

  • Wild - The fish used is wild and never farmed. We do not use farmed fish as they are often given synthetic and fractionated supplements and do not receive what they naturally eat in the wild. Did you know that farmed salmon, for example, is grey? This is because salmon in the wild eat krill and shrimp which contain astaxanthin. This naturally turns their flesh an orange-reddish color. The grey farmed salmon are fed red-dye pellets to dye their flesh orange. 

  • Never Heated Above 98 degrees- Our meats are never heated over 98 degrees. We dehydrate at this low temperature to preserve the natural amino acids, enzymes, and other nutrients necessary for health and wellness of your pet. When animal protein is heated, these nutrients are not only denatured but toxic compounds such as Heterocyclic Amines (HCA's) are created in the meat. Our treats have a high nutrient value and no HCA's.

To Order: 

                                                Organic Chicken Treats 

                                                 Ingredients: Free-Range Organic Non-GMO Chicken. 

                                                 3 oz Bag - $9.50




                                                Wild Ahi Tuna Treats 

                                                Ingredients: 100% Wild Ahi Tuna Fish 

                                                2.5 oz Bag - $12.50



                                                Wild Cod Fish Treats

                                                Ingredients: 100% Wild Cod Fish 

                                                2 oz Bag - $10.50





                                                3 Flavor Variety Pack

                                               $30  1 of each of all 3 flavors 







                                                 Glass Gift Jars 

                                                 $50 for all 3 flavors 




TO ORDER: Call 424-335-9335

Or Email Order To:

Earth Friendly Packaging:

At Oli's Organics, we sourced the most eco-friendly packaging on the planet. Our bags, labels, label adhesive, and ribbon are all compostable!  

The glass that the gift jars are made of are lead free. 

Ordering Options: 

Call 424-335-9335 your order to

Thank you for your order 

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Jerky 3 flavors CCT.JPG
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  • All plants and animals are made out of living cells. When fruit is picked from a tree it's not getting the nutrients to live any longer so its cells slowly die. When an animal dies, its cells are not getting the nutrients it needs to survive any longer so the cells of the animal die. When cells die, bacteria, viruses, parasites, and molds living in the animal multiply to do their job of breaking down these dead cells. This is a form of composting the body.


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