Getting away from sugar?

Try these Healthy Macaroons 

Organic Raw Macaroons
If you are staying away from processed sugar, are Diabetic, or want to detoxify your body.....these are the treats for you! 
These macaroons are scientifically proven to detoxify your body when you eat them and they are absolutely delicious! They are made with all raw ingredients (except for the vanilla extract which we are working on a raw version). All toxins have a positive ionic charge to them. All unheated raw foods have a negative ionic charge. Since positive and negative attract, when you eat raw foods, their negative charge attracts the positive charge of toxins pulling them out of the body as they pass through. 

Raw Honey - Nature's Insulin.

Truly raw unheated honey is sometimes called "nature's insulin" because of its natural insulin-like properties. Eating raw honey throughout the day keeps blood sugar stable, provides minerals for the body, and has natural enzymes that help in supporting numerous bodily processes. But a word of CAUTION...many honey companies label their honey as "raw" even though it has been heated at temperatures over 100 degrees. Like any natural sweetener, once you heat it, you change the chemistry, destroy healing properties, and turn it into a toxin for the body. 

Chocolate Macaroons:

Ingredients: *Raw Coconut, *Raw Cacao, Raw Honey, *Raw Coconut Oil, Vanilla Extract, Himalayan Salt. * ORGANIC INGREDIENTS


Ingredients: *Raw Coconut,*Raw Almonds, Raw Honey, *Raw Coconut Oil, *Raw Orange, Himalayan Salt.  * ORGANIC INGREDIENTS

Lemon Macaroons:

Ingredients: *Raw Coconut, Raw Honey, *Raw Coconut Oil, *Lemon, Himalayan Salt. 


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