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Kimberly Lynn Williams

Write-In Candidate For Governor Of California

Vote September 14, 2021
Uniting Us With Choices Not Mandates


On the question... "Shall Gavin Newsom be recalled (removed)

                                  from the office of Governor?"              

*  Vote:  YES

*  Then write in the name: KIMBERLY LYNN WILLIAMS 

Over 6000 scientific studies that prove viruses are not the cause of disease
One of the biggest problems we have in our world at every level is the false belief that one way is the only way. It has caused breakdowns at every level in families, businesses, between states and countries, and in our own country's political system. It is time for these old beliefs to end in politics and for a new paradigm to take hold. Everyone can win. 


  1. The COVID CRISIS​​​​- All Covid mandates end immediately and businesses will never close again from the mutations or any other microbial invasion. 

    • What has happened in the past 2 years has been a catastrophe. We have only been given a tiny portion of information about Covid and then told that there was only one way to handle it with masks, distancing and vaccinations.  This is not true. There is much more to the Covid outbreak that needs to be understood and this will be my primary focus in the next year...THE RE-EDUCATION OF OUR PEOPLE and the offering of choices not mandates. We have been asked to make a life or death decision without being given all of the information. This will change immediately as Covid variants are emerging because we have not addressed the root cause. If we do not address this issue, stronger variants will continue to emerge and another bigger pandemic will be in our future. I can prevent this from happening. A side effect of getting to the root cause of this pandemic will be that we will see other diseases decrease as well. To understand more about this, watch the videos on my channel.  

    • We will begin with the immediate re-education of our people offering all (not just some) of the science including all of the options to protect oneself from not only the Covid viruses and mutations but all other diseases that are on the increase year after year and offering people the choices that are right for each individual.  

    • We will provide every person in our state the access to all of the resources needed to support their own health and wellness of their physical body, their emotions, their mind, and their soul, Including access to ANY form of healing that is right for them including but not limited to...alternative medicines and therapies as well as modern medicines. Everyone will have the chance to become healthy using the techniques that best suit them.  ​

    • Nothing is free any longer. Free allows for unhealthy behaviors to happen. Everyone contributes in some way for the resources given. We will assist in helping everyone who uses the resources to find a way to give back.     ​

  2. Complete Transparency​​

    • I will allow a camera on me continuously so there are no questions about where I am and what I am doing or working on over the next year. This can be a live feed, for example, that can be viewed by anyone at any time nearly 24/7. ​

  3. Access & Interaction

    • As a citizen, I have personally tried to reach the governor or a representative of the governor's office in the past and have always hit a roadblock and/or had no response. I will have staff specifically designated to compile questions and suggestions that you, the citizens, submit. We have intelligent citizens out there dealing with real issues and have really good ideas. I want to hear them all.​

    • As an option, and as part of the 24/7 remote access theme, we can have a time where these questions and suggestions are read live and discussed on the live stream. You are the people living in the world out there and you will finally have a voice that is heard and there IS A WAY for all of us to win. 

    • I will not spend all of my time sitting in an office. I will be out there traveling around the state continually. I want to continually interact with all of you. I want to see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears what is happening and how things are working "live" and "in the moment" as the changes are being made so we can work together to reroute if needed.   

  4. All Inclusivity

    • When policies are made there is almost always a group or side that is left out. The idea that there is only one way to do something is an archaic belief that has gotten us into big trouble throughout history. The north vs the south, Democrat vs Republican. Vaccinations are another example. They are one way to protect ones' self from bacteria and viruses. They are not the only way. We will provide you with all of the science for all of the options and then you will have the CHOICE to do your own additional research and then pick what is best for YOU.

    • I am an independent in the true sense of the word. I have my own beliefs that are right for me personally. Each of you are also independent and have the knowing of what is right for YOU. No one is wrong if it is truly right for you. I honor this in each of us.  


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