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Now, you CAN have the CHOICE of facemasks and/or vaccinations without being told what to do...

and do it legally.  

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If someone wants to wear a mask to protect themselves from the Covid virus and its variants anyone who chooses this form of protection may do so. In fact, they can cover their entire body from head to toe if they so choose. However...there are millions of people who truly understand the science of the synergistic relationships between humans and the billions of microbes in the world...microbes like bacteria, viruses, parasites and molds. These people understand that microbes (including the Covid-19 virus) have an essential purpose in our body and that only those who need the viral cleansing will experience it. This has been proven in over 6000 medical studies at top medical institutions around the world. 

These people want another option ... and they have one.    



Did you know that if you make your business, organization, school, club or group a "Private Membership Association" the local, state, and national governments have no jurisdiction over you? It's true!  As long as you are not putting someone in clear and present danger. 

Operating a business, organization, school, club or group that allows people to choose to wear a mask OR NOT and to participate whether one is vaccinated OR NOT does not put anyone in any kind of danger as long as you have provided ALL of the scientific information to the members for them to make their own fully educated decision. The CDC and the WHO are actually the ones putting people in clear and present danger because they are not divulging all of the science so people can make educated decisions. Telling someone to wear a mask and get vaccinated WITHOUT TELLING THEM ALL OF THE INFORMATION is putting every single person at danger of horrible diseases such as cancer, auto-immune diseases, dementia and other debilitating illnesses. 

I have put together a packet that provides you with ALL of the scientific information, including over 6000 medical studies that you did not and will not get from mainstream media, which proves without a shadow of a doubt, that microbes such as bacteria and viruses are not the cause of disease, but it is the conditions in the body. And that allowing natural microbial (bacterial or viral) cleanses to happen will actually make a person healthier if they understand and do what they need to do to rebuild new healthy cells as their body is undergoing this natural cleanse. This is the natural way of the Universe and this is the natural way of humans to keep their body free of disease. Under our Constitutional Rights, you have the legal right to health. This document offers you the freedom of choice with regards to masks and vaccinations, by showing you how to put together a group that is legally allowed to offer these choices, no matter what local, state, and federal laws require. 

For only $25, you will receive

  • Sample membership contracts that give you the sample wording to create your own private membership group for your school, business, organization, club, etc. 

  • A 14-page document that includes evidence which proves bacteria and virus are not the root cause of disease, but it is the environmental poisons that destroy healthy cells in the body creating conditions for a bacteria or virus to move in and compost this debris. 

  • This document includes links to the over 6000 studies from medical institutions all over the world that prove that bacterial and viral infections are not the root cause, but actually clean the body of debris which would otherwise turn into tumors and chronic illness. 

Here is a great article written by attorneys about your rights under a Private Membership Association

Knowing the Rights and Benefits of Private Membership Associations

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