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ANCESTRAL SUPPLEMENTS-Cultures all over the world eat animal organs, blood, bone, and marrow to sustain optimal health and wellness. It is believed that consuming the organs of a healthy animal provides your own body with nutrients necessary for rebuilding that organ. Physicians today prescribe thyroid gland for a weakened thyroid. 

You too can get the super nutrients of organ meat in a supplement form. Ancestral supplements are from 100% grass-fed beef grazed on non-sprayed land. I just open the capsule and mix it in my smoothie. Organ meats (other than liver) have almost no taste.  


ANDREAS SEED OILS are the first and only raw, undamaged seed oils in the world that have fully unlocked the powerful life energy from organic seeds with 0 oxidation. When nut and seed oils are heated from many pressing processes, the nutrients can be damaged. Unlike other oils that label as “cold-pressed”, our oils are truly cold-pressed as we closely monitor pressing temperatures during processing, protecting the vital nutrients from each seed. These oils are living super-foods. Use promo code KimW at checkout for discount.

Find local farms, farmer's markets, CSA's and more. 
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This website provides resources for raw dairy near you.

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This invaluable list was compiled over 3 decades and provides sources of truly unheated, unadulterated foods that provide high nutrient values. They were sourced through investigative techniques, close questioning, and visual inspection. List includes products, food clubs, co-ops & organic farmers and more.

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