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Medical Researcher & Health Consultant

specializing in detoxification and rebuilding of the body, mind, and soul for ultimate health 




  1. a process in which one removes toxic or unhealthy substances. 








           a: the state of being free of illness or injury.

           b: a person's physical or mental condition. 


OriginOld English health, of Germanic origin; related to whole.


Disease is caused by 2 things only:

Environmental Poisons & Deficiencies


The secret to living disease-free is to be on a consistent detoxification and rebuilding program. In the world we have created, we are exposed to chemical, physical, and mental poisons nearly 24/7.  In order to experience health and wellness one has to be moving more poisons OUT than are coming IN. This is not as difficult as you might think once you understand this foundation and the techniques of how to do this. 

A virus is not the CAUSE of disease. A poisoned body creates the perfect conditions for the virus to move in and compost the dead cells and poisons. Once the virus has composted the debris it flushed it out of any possible orifice it can. These are the symptoms you experience. An active virus is not needed in a healthy clear body.


 I show you how to incorporate simple steps to remove poisons that you have been exposed to in everyday life, that are contributing to ailments, chronic illness, and pain.  

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What if everything you learned about bacteria and viruses causing disease was actually the exact opposite?
Raw to Radiant is a life-changer. If you want to be one of the growing statistics for heart disease, cancer, dementia, chronic illness, and Covid-19, then keep doing what you are doing and don't read this book. But if you want to empower yourself with knowledge on how to live free of ailments, this is where to begin. 
Kim provides the science proving that natural bacteria and viruses actually detoxify our body and that stopping these natural detoxifications cause diseases such as cancer.  
A portion of the sale of the book is donated to non-profit organizations that support the improvement of health and wellness. 

Deadly Vegetable Oils

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We Are Poisoning Ourselves And Blaming A Virus

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The Threshold of Health 


1.  To survive well, one must understand the basic components of the human being. We are our physical body, our mind, our spirit, our emotions, our energy and our communication or connections to ourselves and to the world.


2.  If you unhook the star model from the bottom and open it up, you get what looks like 5 mountains, or pyramids or rays pointing upwards. At the base of these mountains is what I call the "Threshold of Health". 


3.  When we operate above the Threshold of Health, we have and are rebuilding new healthy cells in the physical body, but when we operate below the threshold, we are literally destroying healthy cells in our body causing a toxic build-up, creating disease and chronic illness.  


4.  What we are shooting for is to live above the line as much as possible. The more components that are above the line and the longer period of time in that place leads to health and wellness. Of course, we all have our poison of choice, or we are impacted by others poisons that poison our body. The "secret" is to live a life of consistently detoxing the lower level aspects of us and rebuilding the upper-level aspects of us. The way you do it is up to you.  

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5.  After we look at the health of our own being, we must then look at our connections to the world. Are we operating in a positive, supportive place above the line? Or are our connections destructive?


6.  Everything we do, every choice we make, every word we speak, has a direct impact on every other being in the world. Your positive or negative reactions have an impact on all those around you. If you impact others in a negative way, then they will impact others around them in a negative way and they will impact others around them in a negative way...etc. Is your contribution to the world supportive of Life? Or killing us? Are you modeling healthy body choices, kindness, understanding, gratitude and compassion? Or the flip side? 

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