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It has been scientifically proven that disease is caused by 2 things and 2 things only.... Toxins and Deficiencies. Environmental poisons damage and destroy healthy cells in our body. These damaged cells, dead cells and poisons are what microbes such as bacteria and viruses thrive on. Cells also become weakened and die when we are deficient in nutrients, once again creating the perfect conditions for bacteria and viruses to thrive.  


The secret to living a healthy life is to be on a consistent detoxification and rebuilding program cleaning our body of these toxins and cellular debris...and then rebuilding new healthy cells to support healthy organ function again.   


In the world we have created, we are exposed to chemical, physical, and mental poisons nearly 24/7.  In order to experience health and wellness one has to be moving more poisons OUT than are coming IN. This is not as difficult as you might think once you understand the foundation and techniques.


As a former competitive dancer and gymnast, medical sales rep for some of the largest pharmaceutical and medical companies in the world, personal trainer, health writer for the esteemed Aspen Healthy Planet Magazine, host of the podcast “Raw To Radiant”, guest chef at the Cooking School of Aspen, pageant title holder, and mom……health and wellness has been part of my entire life.


In 1999, my daughter was born unable to sleep, crying inconsolably, and with rashes on various parts of her body. I was told the crying was colic and it would go away. It never did. I was also told to just put her in a crib and eventually she would get so tired that she would cry herself to sleep. My mother's intuition told me it was something else. After taking matters into my own hands and doing my own research, I discovered the rashes were reactions to some foods and her inability to sleep was because she had obstructive sleep apnea due to her tonsils and adenoids being so large they blocked nearly all of her airway preventing her from breathing when I would lay her down. Had I let her cry herself to sleep as was suggested to me by well-meaning medical personnel and friends, she would have most likely died from self-asphyxiation.  


After a decade of working in the field of western medicine for some of the largest medical companies in the world, and in response to my daughter's health issues, I shifted direction into medical research and nutrition. I created Idella’s Natural Gourmet, one of the first gluten-free organic cookie companies that made delicious cookies for people with food allergies and sensitivities. Later, I opened "Nur-ish ", an organic raw foods co-op that served delicious organic raw foods including various types of ceviche's, carpaccio, and raw dairy desserts, as well as raw vegan selections, all the while committed to my daily yoga practice, volunteering at our school, and raising my daughter.


I have been given a gift of an ability to help diagnose and resolve challenging health conditions and have learned that ALL DISEASE if you get to the true root of the problem, is caused by toxicity and deficiencies and is usually a combination of both.  


I was born in Flint, Michigan, and have had the good fortune of living in various parts of our country where I have learned from some of the best in their field. I currently work as a medical researcher and private health consultant where I teach people to stop blaming microbes for their illnesses and to start taking personal responsibility for their health. 

Viruses do not cause pandemics. The toxic world we have created does. Our poisoned world is the pandemic. 


Please contact me directly for availability. I offer a variety of services at all levels to help individuals, families, companies, and organizations get healthy.  

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